Hot Santa : It’s Christmas Time

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Santa Reveals All

December is here and I thought it only fitting that I interview the one, the only Santa.  I thought it would be impossible to get him to agree but surprisingly he jumped at the chance to have a chat to discuss the bigger issues of Christmas.

Tamzen Temple: Wow.  Welcome Santa.  We really appreciate you being here.  We realise you must be extremely  busy this time of the year.

Santa: No, no not really.  Things have been a bit quiet to be honest.

Tamzen Temple: But it’s December and Christmas time is here. Isn’t that the busiest time of the year for you?

Santa: Ummm well it used to be but things have changed.

Tamzen Temple: Could you explain what you mean? What about all the presents, the elves slaving to get them out on time?

Santa: You watch to many movies Tamzen Temple.  It’s not like that anymore.  Kids want Smart TVs, Xboxes, Ipads, mobile phones and vouchers… I hate the vouchers.

Tamzen Temple: Yes, I find vouchers a little less jolly, but still……

Santa: Even worse, cash. I mean the way things are I’ll be obsolete in say ten years.  I want to make this statement.  We at the North Pole make good old fashioned toys and gifts.  We do not venture into electrical or technological products and we definitely do not make sneakers or send out recharge vouchers.

Tamzen Temple: I see what you’re saying.  Do you think Christmas has lost the magic a bit?

Santa: Absolutely.  There was a time kids would ask simply for a doll, bicycle, a drum or skates.  I cannot deliver 5 billion flat screen Televisions for their rooms knowing they’ll lock themselves away from their own family.  I will however make anything that encourages imagination, books to read, anything to get them outside or to play or a musical instrument to make their homes noisy.  That Tamzen Temple is what Christmas is about.  If they want all those other tech presents I’ll let the parents take care of it.

Tamzen Temple: You’re making me a little teary here Santa.  Well what about the letters you receive?  Doesn’t that give you a bit of hope?

Santa: Bah Humbug.  It goes to head office now and they just churn out an automated response back to the kids making it personal by adding their names.  They refuse to send any snail mail replies unless the parents include a stamped self addressed envelope.   That’s probably why Australia Post has gone broke. Well that and they never actually stamp the stamp. Those elderly pensioners  across Australia are reusing them.

Tamzen Temple:  Sad times Santa in what should be a cheery season.

Santa: I’ll be redundant, unemployed at…. well I won’t tell you my age but a lot of us oldies don’t have a hope of getting employment with the young they’re up against.

Tamzen Temple: I must say Santa, you look a lot different to what I expected.  You’re not big and jolly and….is that beard fake?

Santa:  You got me.  With all this spare time I get to work out now.  I lift weights, do cross fit, chin ups…. I’m the fittest and most buff I’ve ever been.  Check out this.

It was at this point Santa removed his red jacket and beard and wig.  I was speechless seeing the incredibly handsome face revealed.  He was a cross George Clooney with Sean Connery. (Nowhere near as handsome as my Guru though)  Hot Santa!! He flexed his muscular guns and I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas…..

Ooops sorry, I got off track there for a moment….

I thanked Santa for showing me all he had achieved with his new look. I will still be putting out milk and cookies for him, or maybe a protein bar instead.

Don’t lose the Christmas magic this year. Make it a simple one, buy local if you can, share the love and what is most important Chistmas day is to surround yourself by loved ones, eat too much and count every blessing you have.

Peace and Ommmmm and a Ho Ho Ho from the Temple. xoxoxo

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This is a Minterview

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Where is Tamzen’s Temple?

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The Temple Location

Just hold on everyone.

Every day I receive emails from my lovely readers asking me the following.

Tamzen Temple, where is the Temple?

Tamzen Temple, why can’t we find you in the Yellow Pages or on Google Maps?  We really want to visit the Temple.

Tamzen Temple can we donate 5 billion dollars to the Temple?

Let me answer all, with the third question first. No you can’t donate money, we don’t want yours or any one else’s money Richard Branson, so stop offering it.   We don’t want it and we don’t need it.  The Temple is about what we have and I am already rich in so many ways.

Now, where is the Temple?  If you are reading this you are already here.  The Temple exists in front of your eyes with what you are reading now, you are in my Temple, my world reading all the things that are important to me.

The Guru, my gorgeous little Lebron and my stepson Jordan are the most important things that matter to me. Writing brings me extra fulfillment and the friends and family I have are all I need to flourish.  If you look around where you are sitting right now, that is your Temple.

You see we believe that every home, whether it be a tinshack, castle, tent, combi van, mansion, cubby house or just like my place a humble home with peeling paint and a creaky door is a Temple. The message of the Temple is that whatever you have in your heart be it your home, your family and friends is where or what your Temple is.

You are all Temple Queens and the men are all Gurus. We should value, with all our thankful belief in,  what we have. We can thank whatever Lord, God, Buddah or just the knowing of a higher being if that is what you believe or just count our blessings or luck if you are not spiritual or religious. Welcome others into your Temple to enrich your own life and to add to theirs. Be honest and true and just be nice OK!!


We at the Temple just want all others to join us in mind to love life and all they have. It’s as simple as that and shouldn’t be complicated.

We’ll bring you later a few mantras we live by, basically they are common sense and courtesy but we will share more soon.

So if you want to donate to the Temple, put your phones down, switch the TV off and donate the time and love to those closest to you in your own Temple.

Ommmm and peace and lots of love from the ME.

If you want to join the us go and enter your email address to help us spread the message.

Xoxox Tam

Below is a quote from the Dalai Lama and I suppose once I found this I realized that we are living within his philosophy here at the Temple and too me it is as simple as that.

This is my simple religion.

There is no need for temples;
no need for complicated philosophies.
Our own brain, our own heart is our temple;
the philosophy is kindness
– Dalai Lama

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