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So this is my first vlog…  or bideo...

Oh yes I am a star on the Youtube circuit but needed to address a big issue.. actually two big issues.
Minions and quotes.
You must watch to really understand my concern.

POW: Yes I know I examine the big issues.  Stay tuned next week I will look at other quotes and the impact they are having on the world.

DO you love minions? DO you love quotes??

News Update:  Since writing this post it had been revealed that a Minion toy given away at McDonalds does in fact swear.  I apologise for being slightly incorrect in the Minion quote saga.  It turns out that a family purchased a Happy Meal for their child and on bringing it home the Minion said a profanity.

The Temple stands by their video above which outlines that not all Minions swear.  Just one from Maccas.

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Johnny Depp’s Dogs Detained

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Dogs Detained in LA: Depp Devastated

Johnny Depp’s dogs Pistol and Boo have been detained on entering the US for smuggling marijuana into the country.

Earlier this  week Depp flew into Australia to film Pirates of the Caribbean when it was discovered he had illegally smuggled his pooches Pistol and Boo into the country on a private jet, not following Australian Quarantine Laws.

Now it appears it’s the dogs that are breaching the law.   Authorities in the States noticed that Pistol appeared agitated and pulled both dogs into an interview room to investigate why.

The bust occurred after the K9s refused to answer questions on the declaration form on if they were carrying any plant or animal substance.  A routine swab showed traces of the drug on their fur and an x-ray revealed they had each swallowed a condom filled with the green weed.
Pistol and Boo later confessed  that they had the drugs hidden internally but were forced out of Australia before they could pass them.
“Depp is not happy with us.  We had a job to do aside from being adorable and now we have f&*$ up big time.  Let me make this clear though,”  Pistol stated, “Boo was forced into this by me and should not face any prosecution .”
Depp stays in Australia, supposedly straight due  to his supplies drying up,  however he is believed to have made a detour to Byron Bay to speak to agents there in regard to organic produce.

Custom officials have refused to comment

Tamzen Temple Reporter Extrodianire/ Bad Spella

Phew…. We got onto this one quick.  We are now looking into other rogue pets who are breaking the law.

It appears that celebrities and stars have become rather mundane and are relying on their pets to create a scandal to distract from their boring ways.
Now Johnny Depp and I go way back to the days of Jump Street.  If you look closely you’ll see my hand passing him a coffee in an office scene.  I turned him down as I had seen a psychic earlier in that same week tell me I would be hit up for a date by two influential handsome guys and to pick the second one who would share a similar spiritual ethic to myself.   So I said no to Johnny and BAM! Tom Cruise asked me out…  yep… Scientology and all ended what could have been between Cruisy and I but JD and I stayed in touch.

I want to say to you Mr Depp as lifelong friends, don’t bring your pooches into our fair country for fear of infecting Oz’s produce and animals.

Do you have a troublesome pet?  Oh do tell me.. Or if you are friends with a star who does something interesting or controversial scroll, scroll down and do tell me about it pleeeeaasee.

This is a Minterview

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