Quotes from the Anti-Quoter.

Quotes Are Made of Words…

(Tamzen Temple 2015)

So if you know me you would know that the whole quote thingy fascinates me, intrigues me, makes me laugh, makes me confused and makes me wonder about people I thought I knew when I see the random quotes they post that reveal an ignorance or an unsavory element to their personality.

(You would also know I love long sentences)

There was once upon a time when quotes were left for those who made their mark on the world.  Presidents, philosophers, scholars and pioneers.  We would relate the quote to great battles of the past, to signify a moment of hardship, to the struggles of nation,  a discovery that would change the world or a pivotal  moment in history.  There would be a discourse surrounding these quotes that entrenched them further into a generation and created a united feeling

  • Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Winston Churchill (a while back about something)

They would connect us and inspire us together as a group, a family, a country.  Taken from a speech or just snapped in the moment.

These short sentences or few words become an anchor for a nation and bound the belief system at the time.  Of course not everyone was in sync when it comes to any political party  but they could no doubt deny the power of the quote of that particular moment and the significance it held.


   “Ask not what what your country can do for you,: ask what you can do for your country.”

JFK (a few decades ago)


    “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong (doing the moonwalk) 


     “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Martin Luther King JNR (Washington in the 1960s)


Some made us think and bring warm fuzzy feelings..

      “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”


      “Fun is good.”

Both by Dr Seuss 


Now I have to reveal that for some reason there is no better quote for me, no more meaningful one than a Chinese one.  I think it’s the whole wisdom of Confucius as he was so the original quoter…

      “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Confucius (a very long, long, long time ago) 

Hang on…. WTF does that even mean?  There must be more to that quote that I’m not seeing.  I’m confucioused…. I’m sure I’ve seen better ones from him in fortune cookies… Anywho…


There is the journey quote.

       “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu  (about mid goatee growth)


This is true Mr Tzu, but a journey to the fridge for champagne begins with a single step or me yelling to Micko the Guru to “pour me one.”

Although in my younger years after a wild night, the front door from the taxi seemed like a journey of a thousand steps, and rolls…  Maybe if quotes are ancient we can tear them apart easier.

(No disrespect to any of the above quoters as they are all awesomely amazing)

Anything anyone says can be a quote but there are some that will never be printed with a backdrop of a lush rain forest, a rainbow or blue sky and posted on Instagram.

They provide no real level of intelligence or compassion and don’t give hope for the future generation or any solution.  They are just stupid ridiculous words and will only be remembered with a distaste and sadness.

 “Jesus didn’t say yes to everyone. I mean Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.”

Tony Abbott (Possibly drunk, comparing his choices as Jesus like and giving Jesus a unwarranted bad name)


Hey but why do I only have men….?

      “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Maya Angelou  (who cares when she said this, she was just  freaking awesome woman) 


Or this saint.

      “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.”

 Mother Teresa (oh bless her selfless soul)


It appears to me that although there are modern quotes none of them meet the absolute intent of those who have lived in the history they were created in.

I often see quotes of long ago sprawled on brick walls in graffiti style but many don’t even know the origins of them.  What has happened to giving credit to the quoter?  People occasionally post quotes on the back of toilet doors but do so without the any knowledge of what the words really mean.  Quotes change in this ‘new’ context that may be far away of the heart and soul of their creator.

Those who share these quotes without the intent behind them share them only with the emotion they may be feeling at the time.  All they  know is it resonates with them in that particular moment so they share this connection they feel from it in anyway they can.  A tattoo, in a diary, in a text, on Instagram, Facebook and it may be paired with an irrelevant picture, have bad spelling and have a fancy font to make it more appealing to repin…..

With social media,  quotes are becoming a festy infection that have made the great words of yesteryear invalid, forgotten.  Like hairspray and perms of the 80’s they are oversprayed and each end up looking much the same. They are mostly one dimensional and don’t really mark a moment in history but a segment of the the week or coffee craving.  A quick quote fix to get through the day.

The ‘I survived’ quote makes me cringe the most….

   “I was belted as a child and now I have respect.”


“Karma will get those who f*&% me over and from the crap they gave me I am stronger.”

Here’s a quote from me.. “Wadda? Why? Please seek counselling or talk to a friend or me rather than quoting your obvious pain..

They haven’t moved on from the past they are either crying out for help or hoping the person who hurt them will see it but this is probably unlikely as surely they aren’t on their friend list……

No longer left for great figures to inspire, quotes are……  I use the cliche… created by every man and his dog.   Actually there are probably dog quotes.. hang on a sec and I’ll find you one..


OK I just made that one up.. with the whole Depp Australian Saga.….

Quotes have become instructional, they can describe personalities and unrealistic hopes for the future…

They are often just statements like:

     “Act like a boss….”


     “I need coffee and a billion dollars..”

Well that one could be true…  Both by Anon… who is this Anon dude?   He or she have created a billion quotes and have a whole a lot to answer for and why do so many forget to reference a world leader but add the Anon tag of a non person who was probably some drunk guy at the local pub who forgot his own name?

This whole craziness to quotes have lead me to become an anti-quoter…


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I could not let this whole post go on without directing you to Part Two of the Quote Series from The Temple.

Here’s a review:  “Possibly one of the funniest things I have ever watched.  This Tamzen Temple is an undiscovered superstar who is a genius with her exploration of the impact of social media in society.”  Norman Hale.  Founder of  Binipula (The latest social media sharing concept)

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I’m sure your grandchildren will regram my work one day but in the meantime I will leave you with this…


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”

– Helen Keller (1800’s & no words could give this woman justice to her brilliance)

What’s your favorite quote?  Are you a quoter? Does my hair look messy in the video?? Do you think I should have chicken or steak tonight..? I’d love you to tell me all these things so scroll scroll down to let me know.

Peace and Ommm from the Temple.


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Afro, Illness & Gay Marriage: Lies Exposed

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The Biggest Lies Exposed

I don’t know what the big deal is about that chick claiming she was African American..

I mean aside from the totes giveaway of freckly fair skin covered by thick make up,  that hair alone, which as a former hairdresser I can declare, is either a wig or a tightly wound perm with forte solution.   I think she may done in-depth research into African American hair history and based it on Beyonce in Austin Powers…..

That health blogger Ms Gibson pretending she was terminally ill even though she was a picture of health. Did the fact that she was glowing not give anyone an indication or like the B word, the C word is out of bounds for questioning.

If someone says I am black or have cancer we go into freak out overdrive of racial etiquette or sympathy without questioning anything, even a lie that stands blatantly in front of us.

Let’s face it we all pretend to be something we’re not.. or think we’re something we aren’t .

Take me… I am certain that I am a supermodel but am quickly questioned if I ever tell anyone this.. “You couldn’t possibly be a supermodel. You’re too short for starters…and maybe a little robust in the thigh area.”

There’s the not so Christian Aussie couple that said they would divorce should gay marriage become legal in Australia. We know they’re full of S&%$. Think of their children living in a split family. They will be surely shunned by the community for being raised by divorcees.  Oh hang on, it isn’t the 1950s, no one will care.

Bruce Jenner lived a long life pretending to be a male when really underneath it all there was the beautiful Caitlyn.   Like Superman had to don his Clarke Kent outfit to fit in, I see Caitlyn had to do much the same. He now she, was living in an alter ego not by choice but because it was required for the masses to cope.

I draw a whirly moustache with Vegemite and do Mexican accent when I serve Tacos although no one appreciates this or pulls me up on my lie and let me tell you it is not done with any disrespect.  I just figure the tacos may taste better if I introduce an added cultural aspect to them.

I actually get picked on for highlighting in conversation a person’s racial, age, height or general  status when telling a story..  What the!?   You may scream..

I believe person’s background be it race, height, age, status or sex has a whole lot to do with everything.

So here’s my day to day conversations as judged by the world in no particular order to no particular person but it’s just the way I talk. OK!  Please don’t judge me.

Tamzen Temple:   I was telling my friend about,  this guy from work who is black..

World (yelling) : What has that got to do with anything Tamzen Temple? That is such a racist thing to do, to mention that he is black.. What does that matter ?  Tell the story without mentioning the B word.

Tamzen Temple: Well, this guy at work was really upset the other day because a customer asked him if he played basketball. This woman said she loved Lebron James and then asked if he played.

World:  Well does he?

Tamzen Temple:  No he does not.    He’s the most uncoordinated black guy I have ever met.  He can’t catch, can’t bounce, can’t jump and can’t throw and his dance moves are shameful to his ancestors.

World:  Can you hear yourself.  You are stereotyping him.

Tamzen Temple: No I am paying homage to all the great stereotypical things. I ignore the bad ones because they are made by small minded people.  I believe it’s everyone else that has the problem so I then went on to apologise for all of us.  Anywho there was this Chinese lady….

World:  Stop, have you not learned anything from what I just said?

Tamzen Temple: OK.. This lady from class gave me some herbs for my cold.

World:  Is she a naturopath, doctor?

Tamzen Temple:  No if you listened I said she was  Chinese and gave me some herbs and for me and I believe her ethnicity gives her greater creed to herbal remedies…  Oh come on. You can picture this beautiful wise Chinese lady in an ancient store made of straw and mud who mixes remedies that are centuries old.  By stating her racial background is only adding to the story and allowing a clearer picture in your head.  I am so not being racist I am merely pointing out how being a certain race gives you a trustworthiness in an ancient practice.


An Indian girl I was teaching..

World:  WTF does it freaking matter where she is from?????????  Go On…..

Tamzen Temple:  Well if you let me finish…. She is going back to her homeland to pick up her baby.  She had him here eighteen months ago and took him back for her parents to raise while she finished her course.  So now she’s done, she’s picking him up.  It has happened with many of my students and they are all from India. It’s gut wrenching for them to be apart for so long but was quite common among my students. I’m visualizing the flight… the meet up at the busy Delhi airport, the tears from all the family.

World:  Oh we apologise… Definitely not a practice I’ve heard any Aussies doing.  I mean they may but..

Tamzen Temple:  Exactly this is something many of them go through and heartbreaking to think of the sacrifice she has made to try to get an education so she’ll have a better future for her family. Phew.  Well my uncle who’s Italian..

World:  Just stop this madness.. Try telling the story without mentioning he’s Italian.

Tamzen Temple:  Well fine then….. This guy who is related…… he just handed down the recipe for my great grandmother’s meatballs….  You see this is where you’re wrong.. For starters by saying he’s my uncle you have a rough indication of his age, to say he’s Italian shows that the recipe is most likely awesome and originated from Italy where spaghetti is king and the meatballs are made among the olive groves.

I have one that you cannot pick me up on…. My friend.  He’s gay and is coming shopping with me to pick out a dress…..

World:  True, true.. Most do have exquisite taste.

Tamzen Temple: So now it’s ok for you to make assumptions based on stereotypes… Ok there’s this model who is a size 22. That is pretty big BTW…

World:  Oh not again…

Tamzen Temple:  Listen I’m trying to tell you. She has just been signed to a major agency and proving the critics wrong.   Oh whatever I can see you’re judging me.  Well how about this sad story.  The other day at the market there was this old lady…

World:  You are now attacking the old…Don’t be so ageist….

Tamzen Temple: OMG.. Ok.. this lady… Alrighty then.  This female, no.. this person of no particular gender,  fell today and then someone stole her/his handbag while she was down and her husband died of a heart attack with all the stress.

World:  Hmmm I suppose that wouldn’t happen to a young person.. Well parts of it would but… We’ll allow you to address an age then.

Tamzen Temple:  But of all these I do have to point out this amazing phenomenom.  I was shopping one night on a full moon with the Guru and I said to him…”There is a whole lot of bearded hipster-like guys here tonight.”

World:  So what?

Tamzen Temple:  Well I said to the Guru.  “Don’t you think it’s weird that in every aisle there is a bearded guy with a plaid shirt, top pony tail and skinny jeans.”

World:  You’re so picky. Who cares?

Tamzen Temple:  Well maybe there is a link between hipsters and a full moon… I mean usually they have their fair-haired or dark haired partner with a thick scarf as a headband with them.   But maybe on full moons they are allowed to venture out alone…

World: Stop talking Tamzen Temple.

So I did.

So back to people pretending to be something they are not.  If this bad attempt at an afro haired lady feels she is black let her be… If she believes she is entitled to the history that the blacks have lived through, let her be.. if she believes that the segregation, freedom, equality, human rights that generations fought  for, let her be…

Hang on a minute.  That above statement is a croc of crap. How dare she lie and then take on a role within the African American community.  This is mocking history and the struggles they have been through and the battles they have fought and continue to fight for equality.

There are the stereotypical things that are can be offensive and oh so wrong but there are the positive rich parts to a culture that have been earned and traditions handed down. ‘Identifying’ with being black is ridiculous and this non black woman, like the Belle health blogger faking an illness, to the couple faking a toddler tantrum that they will divorce is just totes ridiculous.

So I declare that the only people allowed to pretend to be someone else are superheroes.

Superheroes do it all the time.. pretend to be something they’re not but so do people like volunteers or nurses or ambos or police….  They all don a uniform to highlight their role so no one gets confused.

They are mostly all awesome who take on the jobs that save lives and make the world a better place and pretend that it’s no big deal.

Pointing out a person’s cultural background by me is done with absolute respect but faking any illness or race is an absolute disgrace.

Oh and clowns should be banned… They freak me out man….

The rest of the pretenders can fade away into the abyss…

Please note if the faking is included in fine print like on a copyright or disclaimer area somewhere this makes it all totally fine….

Have you faked it?  Does it make you as angry as me with that so many are fakers?

Scroll scroll down to let me know. xxoo