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A Super Reminder of Awesomeness

Super news… I attended the Warner Bros Christmas party in Melbourne.

This is me and some super, random crazed obsessed fan who recognised me there and wanted  a pic taken with me with a super funky Warner Bros backdrop.

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I walked in as me, my awesome self, Tamzen Temple… and walked out called the More Freaking Awesome, Super Amazing Yet Still Stunningly Intriguing, TT.

Yes, with a gift bag in hand for attending with all this Super Hero stuff in it and invincible sprinkled all over me, I came home and wanted to share my life, since this day, this transformation of me.

Since then……. the two hours of being surrounded by all things super,  I have come to realise that a lot of adults have many issues.

I just don’t understand why I as an adult get glares from obviously envious people because I am wearing my Wonder Woman suit at the supermarket.
I mean think about the code there….. SUPER market. It’s a no brainer and obviously where they hang out.

I just keep missing them.

And BTW Bronzy never gets glares but instead, loving stares when he ventures out as a little Batman.. He gets a zillion compliments of ..”oh you’re so cute…”

He has also fallen in love with the Flash and runs around the house certain there are flames coming from his feet caused by the stealth swiftness of his speed. The pic below is not Bronzy but be a pre-enactment of Bronzy on Christmas day as the Flash!!  (Flash suit available from Target, Myers, Toys are us and Spotlight)


But back to me…

Why is there still a stigma toward those who are a little bit flamboyant in what they wear?

“Would you prefer my bleached holey trackies?” I ask the girl at the register?

“Why does me, dressed as Wonder Woman make you feel uncomfortable???” Crickets chirping…..

She scans at the speed of light to get me out of there.

I mean like, she, who is in the club of pastelly purple hair is judging me….?

She who has a nose ring covered with a skin colored band-aid, fluorescent green colored fake contacts in thinks I look silly??

But then I realise she probably missed the original version of Wonder Woman and doesn’t have that deep connection to the glass invisible jet, gold lassoo and the Amazon women that I have.

BTW Micko the Temple Guru, if you are reading this…. I love this mug and it’s available from TYPO.


Look…it’s got its little cape and all……….

I forgot how much I loved superheroes.  I relived it by  spinning in the lounge room trying to turn into Wonder Woman (showing Bronzy how it was done) and even when I went really fast it never happened.

What I realize now is all women are absolutely wonderful and secretly have superpowers of their own that many don’t fully reveal.
They stay disguised for fear others feeling threatened of their super humanness. otherwise known as survival of being a mum, a woman or just an adult…..

How many times have you looked at a fellow female friend and thought…. how does she do that?  Be it have an immaculate home or neat children or perfectly groomed hair or be unbelievably organised, the ability to cook a gourmet meal while hanging out the washing.  Whatever it is, each of us women have super qualities, unique qualities that the other might not. Thank goodness the majority of us have evolved to admire it and high five one another instead of feeling insecure….

If you haven’t done so,  tie a tea towel around your neck like a cape whilst doing the house work, or better still go and purchase an adult super suit..  If that’s not your style add a little super with one of these..

Justice League Sterling Silver Bracelet

Seriously you will feel much more invincible and mop those floors super fast while flipping pancakes all while reading a book to your child knowing you have a super emblem attached to you somewhere.

I decided after attending the Warner Bros Christmas Party.  Big sigh……  that I will take the Super Hero Christmas oath of buying everyone I buy for, something superhero…. but only after I purchase all things off the super list I made….

Out of all the super things I saw that day, I have to say my favorite was this canvas.  It looked freaking super retro and covered a bunch of super moments.  And… as I hyperventalate that it is, was or will be available at Aldi.



That same day on arrival home, Micko wore the Superman socks I kept for him, I swear he moved faster than ever.  He was up, up and away making me a coffee in my non caped Wonder Woman mug I was given and said these exact words…. “There’s something different about you today, something super.”

And this made me think. No bad can come out of superheroes.  They represent power and the good in mankind that just so happen to be unhuman or superhuman.. but my point is we all need reminders and a good dose of super heroes to remember how super life is.

Get someone you love something super heroish to remind them that to you, they are super freaking amazing in all they do.

From Superhero Lego, jewelry, games, calendars….Keep an eye out for all the amazing products from DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, Looney Tunes this Christmas.

Peace and Ommmm from the Temple. xx

Please note, although I was given products, I was not asked to write anything but wanted to as I was totes super impressed. Xx

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Leave Mia Alone…

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Mighty Mia Moves

I’ve gotta say.  I can’t quite believe the whole ‘Mia is wrong’ campaign.

Sure there will be bloggers out there who feel she is taking a direct stab at them in predicting their failure but just as any person should be, she is entitled to her opinion and the direction she wants to take.

If anything she has stepped aside leaving a little gateway for someone to come in and steal that section of her empire.

I was never a fan of Mamamia in that I’m not the ‘mummy’ type that feels a connection to reading news on all things kids, babies, mums or families.

If you can’t tell by my own blog, I get bored very easily.  I don’t really want to read about breastfeeding (just as you may never want to read what I have written) when I’ve been there done that, I will fight and yell to the end if anyone is discriminated about it but my breastfeeding days are over so such a story isn’t relevant to me anymore.

I yawn at the thought of reading about routines, school lunches, activities for kids or how to stay in shape as a new mum..

For others new to it or in the throes of motherhood, a  mummy blog can help you feel you’re not alone.  I like being alone and know that I have family or friends a phone call away to answer any questions.

But I never rang because motherhood for me and most is just a natural thing where instinct kicks in and you just know what to do.  Make sure they (and myself) are fed, happy, alive and loved. For others who may not have the support or instinct these blogs do provide a community for them to feel they belong and that’s great.


Mamamia for me is like the group at school who all hang out and you like them and they like you but you don’t really feel you fit in.  You don’t want to talk about what they’re talking about as it doesn’t really interest you.

I think I was a king in a past life where I would order a jester to constantly entertain me.  Even people in my life all are unique in that they can amuse me for hours on end. Anyone who doesn’t is sent to the dungeon.  Mamamia is not the jester in my life.

The group at school, or now in adult hood reading Mamamia are all talking about the following.

These headlines were pulled from Mamamia’s site.

Four reasons why it’s okay for your children to see your vagina.

I really don’t want to know… and don’t believe I’ll be putting mine on display anytime soon but read the article words to find out that it’s all about being nude in front of your kids. Big F&*% deal.  Make a non issue into an issue by using the headline VAGINA.  Probably because we all parade around nude or at least our kids see us nude but nude just wouldn’t make a headline.

Did Bindy Irwin Fart??  WTF  Sorry it actually read.. did she let one rip.

Oh for F*&#s sake.

I just don’t freaking care and feel I have wasted two minutes of my life providing you with examples.

Anywho. Back to Mia. Aside from these examples of what Mamamia has become….

Give her a bit of credit aside what the data says  While there were other mummy blogs before hers she did lead the way to show what is possible.

She lost me as many others with her click bait headings and regurgitated stories that were pulled from Facebook or other unreliable ‘moment’ news sources to get in on the viral wave.

I clicked the X rather than shovel through all the ads and I’m sure as a mummy site, if they recognised their readers, that they would know that most don’t have the time to close multiple ad screens and offers down.

They are busy mums.  Not interested in all that, but looking for a quick read from a reputable place.



She lost me when I read a post on how she sent her friend a pic of her belly to make her friend feel a little better.  That’s a story you tell to friends not something I find valuable in reading. A nice gesture to her friend yes, but I don’t feel I gained anything.  Others may have identified and felt a comradery with the belly issue but …… not me. (Aside from the fact I do have a hefty slab of unwanted belly fat)

She may have me back because she has recognised that I (Because it’s all about me) don’t have time to head to several different blogs for news or updates.  That I don’t want to read all things about mums…  (Oh please don’t continue with all that other celebrity, star, viral crap also)

We are vocal in the fact that women are amazing busy creatures but don’t give them the credit that they don’t solely need women’s site and women’s opinions.  This to me was to me polarising and not a representation of the world.  Sure there are other sections to her site but it is dominated by the hype stories nothing about the Kardashians but with a picture of them.. (Do your kids have names that go together?)   which was a most shared story…..

Her readers are dumbing down our intelligence by opening this trash….. By making it the most shared story….

I praise Mia for not only leading the way but also acknowledge that she could be right. She has been a success and there’s no reason with the changes she’s making that she won’t be back on top.

I’ve seen heaps of post on social sites of bloggers where rebranding is required because the kids have grown up and their blog isn’t relevant to their current life..

I’ve seen lots of bloggers who  long to have a post published in Mamamia, I’ve seen just as many angry that payment was non existent.

I don’t like the whole Buzzfeed, memes, Facebook posts on unreliable blog type news.

Mummy blogs won’t die entirely, in fact they may still thrive, I don’t freaking know because I’m a small time nobody who reads very few  (exception of blogs I do read below) but in a world where we should be embracing change, shouldn’t we watch and learn from a successful person rather than chase her with stakes?

Tall poppy?? The Temple is all about ‘Just being Freaking Nice OK!!”  And I really dislike how people have turned.  Ones that were so eager to get their writing published on Mamamia are now the loudest voices in opposing her.

I don’t know but from someone who writes the latest, greatest, fakest interviews with Hollywood stars and innate objects, someone who no one takes too seriously,  just leave Mia alone.

Give her credit that she knows what she is doing.


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There are more but just a few today. xoxoxo
Apologies for those blogs mentioned if you did not want to be associated with me…..
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