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Disclaimer: As a mum, writer, former hairdresser, workplace trainer, pretty bad cook, unfit and uncoordinated uncertain female I declare that any information on Tamzen Temple be taken as it is. I am not offering advice in any area. If you require advice on parenting seek help from professionals, if you require help in fitness or diet do the same.

I very rarely do research as I cannot be bothered as it gets in the way of the creative process so most facts I give will probably be incorrect or based on Wikipedia…

Regarding any products I review, I will disclose if they are samples given to me, purchased myself through free will or if there is any personal relationship with product owner.

Bless you: with a number following to assist you in the quest for truth.  Each number will indicate that the following:

  1. That I was given a gift or monetary payment for a review, mention or a link.
  2. That I personally know of (possibly before or after I have written post) the company or person associated with that post.
  3. That I have been paid up to $5,000,000 to write or review a product in which instance if I receive the higher end it is possible I will lie my pants off and go against any ethics I previously had….. unless it is to write that Kanye is the greatest to which I will refuse any offer as he alone does this regularly.

I will however review products honestly in a positive or negative manner whether they are gifted, given or loaned to me. I will not take any responsibility for actions or comments posted by readers and will not allow the Temple to be a place where there are negative comments to my readers. I hope you enjoy the Temple and in no way set out to offend anyone.

If you are offended we apologize and suggest you get a sense of humor. Tamzen Temple is made up of both fictional material and non-fiction based on my life and from others who may or may not be experts in their fields. It is fairly obvious which is which but we cannot take responsibility if you are unable to differentiate so we will end each fictional page that involves others  (where we use their name: ie: Fake interview/conversations) without their consent with the following.

Tamzen Temple is a character created by Tamara Zito through which she lives a parallel world where silly things can take place without the consequences.

Disclaimer: XYZ : is fictional  or  This is a Minterview We will link back to this page for you to read.

Opinions are my own and in no way do I see myself a professional in any area unless stated.

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