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Episode 1 & 2 are a little poor in quality but great in content and from episode 3 onward you can expect the unexpected.

Episode 3 onwards will see us tackle the world of social media and technology.  We are speaking another language in the world that not everyone knows.  Hashtags and @s are here and everyday we talk in some way about technology and how it has changed us, use technology be it a television, phone or tablet and some participate in television chats through twitter and links that shows offer in order to allow their audience a voice.

We just can’t escape it.  The Temple now focuses on purely exploring these conversations.  Please note, no episode to date has been scripted, there has been only one take and minimal editing done.

We hope you enjoy your time here.

Episode 1 Welcome to the Temple

The Temple welcomes the world into their home.  The cameraman is a little early and Tamzen isn’t prepared.  Micko takes the reigns while Tamzen deals with phone calls from Branno, Brad and other demanding stars.

Episode 2  The whole hashtag argument & The Temple movie negotiations.

Tamzen is ready this time, or so she thinks.  The news of a Hollywood movie deal are revealed in a strange way.  Micko has had enough of the hashtag and when he brings up George, Tamzen ends the interview discovering the interviewer has a hidden camera.

 Episode 3 : The Hashtag explanation

I try to explain the hashtag to the Temple Guru, Micko.  I think I should have explained it to a deaf turtle instead as he just doesn’t get it… if you want to see pure frustration from me, you need to see this.  Be warned, a child slips through this but is not injured.  Go and give the clip a thumbs up if you enjoy and share with any of your tech illiterate friends to show them they are not alone.

Episode 4: The Hashtag explanation continued

Micko tries to explain what a hashtag is to his mate Madge.   It’s like Chinese whispers where the message gets lost on each attempt.  Luckily Vaughn is there to tell us what #bananatime is.

Episode 5:  Tech and Texts.

Tamzen has to make dinner…… Micko has to send a text message… sounds simple but Micko relies on Tamzen to tell him what to write and it drives her insane.   What is she doing with that knife, why did she eat ten pancakes prior to filming rather than do ten situps…. just check it out and I bet it’s a conversation you’ve had with your other.

Episode 6  (not yet released)

Micko the Guru shows off his yoga skills.  Every Saturday Micko the Temple Guru, sends Tamzen out so he and his best mate Madge can meditate and unwind with a Yoga session. Tamzen takes the opportunity to invite the crew in to film and is shocked to find what he is really up to.

The Temple Tutorial: How to make Instant Coffee

h for the love of the Temple. There are just some people who can’t make instant coffee. And like, what if the power went out and you only had a fire to boil water. Would you remember how?? Lucky I’m here to remind you of the simple things. xoxxo

 The Temple Guru Micko and Madge Music

While the Temple Queen is away, the boys will play… Bronzy’s toy xylophone and drum…  A jam session.  Now The Temple theme song on episodes 3 onward.



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