Not A Mummy Blogger: Blog Secrets

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Blogger Secrets and Success

OK!! Here it is. So many fans, billions of fans ask me constantly, Tamzen Temple … How did you begin your blogging journey?

Today I took the time to reflect on this and put together this informative, ridiculous vlog to explain all things blogging.

I tell you why I was in blogger denial and why being a blogger isn’t so bad.

I reveal why I’m not a mummy blogger…  Although the title pic probably speaks for itself.

I give you insight to the blogging world and I reveal the truth behind blogging myths.

If you want to know how bloggers create Instagram content then you should click on my new vlog.

Please note… I have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time and cannot take responsibility if you follow any of my advice.


So what did you think. Do you feel more confident now to create awesome Instagram content?

Do you want to begin being a blogger?  It’s a wonderful, time consuming world that no one can prepare you for. Just jump in and do it.

Join me on YouTube for future pointless vlogs and mini-temple movies.

Are you a blogger?  Are you going to start blogging?
I’d love to know. Scroll scroll down to tell me all your thoughts.

xoxoxo Tamzen Temple…. Blogger.

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  • Natalie @ Our ParallelConnection
    January 15, 2016

    Oh you are a pisser. When I saw the video was nearly 14 minutes long I thought, I don’t have time to watch the entire thing but after laughing so hard at the start – I have watched till the end and loved it. More please.

    • Tamzen Temple
      January 15, 2016

      Oh it’s so much funnier at the end. I’m such a great mum…… hmmmm. Thanks for letting me share the pic. You’re one of the few mum blogs I follow because you keep it real and I need future info not past. xoxoxo

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