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Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets Ever


Do you have a drawer or cupboard full of ridiculous kitchen gadgets.  The Temple exposes the most silly, useless gadgets she could find.
If you want to see them all you should… Read More….




What??! More Ridiculous Household Items. 



Sure, this little chicken eggcup may be cute and totally necessary but there are more wasteful plastic items out there that I discovered in my journey of useless products.
If you want to see what else I found you should …… Read More..


Wadda!! There’s More..



Does an cucumber really need a hat?  Is it so hard to use a knife to chop the top off a strawberry?  I discover more exciting …. Read More






Temple Favorites

I love my Temple.  My house with a creaky front door, the walls with crayon from Bronzy, the retro mantle that came with the house is where I contemplate, relax, stress and find solace among old and new treasures.

I love my couch that I saved forever for even though I sit on the Red shag pile rug most of the time.  Possessions aren’t a necessity but a luxury that are the rewards of hard work.

To keep my Temple look amazing I have visions in my head and a lot of guidance of what’s hot by the awesome site Braggables.  Now I have been featured on there HERE but that didn’t influence my decision to give you some links.  By being featured on there allowed me to discover them and as I am a little hopeless in what’s new, I don’t feel I should be giving my Temple Tribe advice in this area.

I’ll lead you to Braggables and you can see all they feature.  From the latest products, homewares, trends and more.

Here’s just some of what I found there but save their page as they are constantly renewing what’s hot.

Here’s a little example of what they’re bragging about at the moment, go to their page to see where you can get it.

 Braggables: The Acapulco Chair



Or this

Braggables : Tobris

I freaking love this (excuse me but so gorgeous) and Braggables will give you all the info of the who, what, where, when and how.


Just go to Braggables already.  They are the bees knees according to me.

Peace and Ommmm from my Temple

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