My short-lived journalism career.

It started on a high after graduating as a mature aged student in Journalism.  An interview with George Clooney.  I had just been offered an opportunity with Newz Corp, a plumb job as their media correspondent with an all expense trip to LA to interview George about his new movie.

I couldn’t believe the coincidence having had a brief fling with him years earlier.  I met Micko the same week and obviously he is the choice I made.

Here is a transcript to the interview that doomed my career.

Tam:  Hey Mr Clooney. Thanks for your time.

George: Don’t pretend Tamzen.  You know we’ve met.

Tam: That aside, I’d like to congratulate you on your new movie.  “A Tam before Time.”

George: It’s all about you.  You know that right?

Tam:  Well that’s very flattering but I’d like to hear it in your words. Tell me a bit about the movie.

George:  Ah, I see. Playing the innocent.  Fine!  The movie is about a down and out actor, hard on his luck.  He’s about to give up the dream until he meets his muse.  The beautiful, stunning Tamzen.  You know how the story goes, they have incredible monkey sex and she makes him all the promises in the world then turns and runs away when she meets some punk called Micko.

Tam:  You never felt the need to change the names?

George:  For what?  Your protection.  You’ve proven to be the ice queen, ripping my heart out like that.  As if I give a F#@$%% about your identity.

Tam:  Okay.  Let’s just calm down and get back on track.  I absolutely did not understand any part of your last movie Syriana.

George:  I knew you wouldn’t.  I did it on purpose knowing you’d waste a few hours of your life watching it.

Tam:  My question to that is that compared to Syriana, this movie is real and I believe some of the best most convincing work you’ve ever done, do you ….

George:  Heartless bitch.

Tam: I’m sorry, what was that?

George:  You heard.  I F#@@&% hate you!!  You are nothing to me.  No woman will ever be anything to me because of you.  F@#&%%   whore!

It was at this point that George’s minders took over , destroyed the visual footage and pulled the interview with a follow-up legal letter to Rupes that my career end now or action would take place that would make the phone tapping scandal look like strawberry ice cream.

Hence any media opportunity ceased and Rupes and I decided to part ways.  It was for the best.

Thank goodness for the sanctuary of the Temple.


If you want to see George’s apology

This is a Minterview

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  • Ren
    July 27, 2014

    Ok… I snortgiggled at this. I think I had the same conversation with Keanu Reeves at one point…

    • Tamzen Temple
      July 27, 2014

      Wow. Mine however is absolutely true. I mean the Minterview disclaimer really means nothing. I hope they both get over us soon and move on with their lives. Thanks for visiting the Temple Ren 🙂

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