Don’t Call Me C*&% or B%$#

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Female Fatal

Hello, my name is Tamzen Temple and I’m female and I don’t have anything exciting to share. I am in a relationship with Micko the big spunk and we’re currently living happily ever after on a small budget….

Whew!! So glad I got all my shady past out there. Judge me and unite. What you say. I’m not exciting enough?

Well how about this? In my 45 years of life have smoked a joint or two, taken an eccie once (best night of my life) and drink rarely.
Still not interesting you say. What? I need to add some more colour to my language?

I’m not about to start screaming obscenities to get noticed.

Is this the end for us? Oh hang on we haven’t even began. You know nothing of me, I do have a past, and I’ve dealt with it and moved on. The End.

I freaking am exciting, edgy and hilarious thank you!! I just don’t feel the need to fill in the rest of my sordid, ok maybe not sordid but crap has happened in life with you.

I rather like me but I feel I don’t fit in anymore, anywhere.

I open up my timeline and see woman of my past and present liking pages where women call each other bitches and c*&%s and don’t understand this.

“Here’s a pic of my bitch besty.” I read cringing as I wonder who the heck these women are.

WTF? (That’s as bad as I get with the foul language) Do they find it liberating to speak with a potty mouth? Have I missed the part of feminism where talking about box gaps and vaginas is newsworthy or revolutionary? Is this some parallel world I missed the flight for? Oh yes so many unanswered questions but I am searching for the truth.


Another I spotted. “Hey c*&% I miss ur f&%$% face,” written on a female friend’s timeline from another female I met once briefly. She writes back much the same.

I hope no one sees that ‘ my friend’ wrote that and assume I might be the same until I slap myself across the face and remember all that is good about my Facebook sister.

She is a great person, an independent female who says what she thinks. She’s awesome, confident, dynamic and has a charisma that can be intimidating and she’s stunning and immaculate. Then there are these words, never heard from her mouth but there on Facebook on that blue timeline for all to see.

Whatever happened to being lady like? Surely we can act like ladies and still be feminist with attitude all without the F&%$ and c%$# words overflowing.  (I can feel the death stares now from those who fight for female freedom)

Micko, the gentleman he is, would shut down any male that swore in front of myself, any elderly person, any female or child. We teach Bronzy (my son) to respect all, not swear and to be polite. We are in a time where domestic violence is at a high and yet there are many who find it acceptable for women to talk to each other in a way that would be highly unacceptable if men were to do the same.

Set an example people!

I love a female with a fiery attitude, one that is gutsy and bold, fearless and who has conquered demons but I have no desire to share my vagina stories; what it has been through or who has been through it, the who, the what, the how, the when and where. I don’t need to reminisce or celebrate about what it was and what it is now and especially not on Facebook.

Does talking like this make them strong women? Do they worry about their nieces, daughters or sons of friends of a young age who may be on Facebook and see that this degrading language is OK?

I don’t believe it is an example we should be setting and suddenly feel 70 in my opinion and wonder who the f&%$ I am to grow so old-fashioned in my thoughts.

I imagine men talking about their penises in the same way on their timelines and the uproar it would bring. Picture this: An out of shape hefty overweight or skinny lank man posting a naked picture on Facebook writing:


This is who I am. Accept me even with my small/large, circumcised/uncircumcised penis and my hairy unwaxed back and my man boobs or no muscles at all… because I am a real man and not what society portrays me as. I have achieved so much I life yet I am judged by this. I am more than this body or organ. I am me. Love me, love my penis you B&%$s and F%$#heads.

Oh yes I know it’s not the same  as women are judged more by the physical but my point is it messages don’t always translate the same when it comes to the sexes on social media.

Not everything we do calls for equality in fact it becomes dangerous if we start normalising women or men calling any man woman or child B%$#s, C%$#s, Sl$#@s or Ars#H%$#s. (Please never call any child this)

I don’t want to read or stories of the penis as equal as I don’t want to see or hear about vaginas on timelines in front of my own or the eyes of influential teens .

I scroll past these B$%#/C%$# posts a hurry and edit these people from my feed. Not unfriending them but turning off notifications.

There must be a need for a collective of woman to talk about muffs, love handles as it is constantly appearing like sexually transmitted language on my timeline. Am I missing the gene that gives me the need to openly share foul vocabulary and V stories with women ?

Do we want this to become the norm? “Hey this is my bitch ma and my c&%$ sister. This is my F&*% bestie and my dope little niece.”

“Terms of affection” I had someone comment once in a Instagram picture I posted on the subject. I can see it now at the workplace. “Hey B&%$ go do the filing you F&%$ gorgeous C&%$. Great job you H&^%”

No. This isn’t acceptable in the workplace, in the home and for goodness sake let’s not make it acceptable in life. It’s degrading to hear it from men and does not advance us as women.

So please can we just be freaking nice without the potty mouths or I’ll bring out the soap and wash your tongue.

Do you agree??  Scroll Scroll down to let me know.

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  • Bec
    March 13, 2016

    Tis the language of the desperate. I think it’s a sad and desperate screech for attention.
    Funny, just this week I’ve seen this on Twitter from two previously respected bloggers,

    • Tamzen Temple
      March 13, 2016

      I don’t think I’ll ever understand it….. xx thanks Audio.xoxo Glad to know I’m not alone in my thoughts..

  • ctencza
    March 13, 2016

    Because I am me, I am all over the place on this issue. First I totally get negativity and demeaning nature calling someone names can create. Some people use the bad words sorely to dominate and control. That is the power that language has. One word can crush the spirit and also create harmony and a sense of group. Just depends on context. My father would call a fellow Irishman man a Mick….but God help any non-Irishman who said it. One usually was a showing of solidarity and an “Us vs Them” feeling. The other was a put down.
    I have revered to friends as bitch on occasion, never c*}€ because I didn’t grow up with it being used. It’s rarely heard in the US, hardly at all…its just so taboo.
    My use of obscenity isn’t just silly nilly though, I am mindful of the crowd I’m in and would never use it without conference dense that the other person would not be offended. If I do offend, I apologise and learn not to use it around them again.
    But I take your meaning and see why it’s use is getting out of control.

    • Tamzen Temple
      March 13, 2016

      I think that’s the thing though CT is that many of those that use them online don’t use it in life or if they do they can control the context and who hears it around them. For me it’s just getting a little bit to common for influential ears and eyes on timelines and creating a double standard. xx And that c word…..ahhhhhhh

  • Pinky Poinker
    March 13, 2016

    I’ve seen the FB feeds of certain teenage boys and girls and that’s how they talk to each other. Women of a certain age shouldn’t be trying to talk like teenagers on public social media. That’s my two bits worth. If it’s a close friendship and you’re drunk and being silly in private though… whatever, I don’t care about that, probably done it.

  • Ronnie Peace
    March 16, 2016

    Uh oh, there looks to be some computer or programming error with your essay. It seems, particularly with words starting with c & f, are getting changed to symbols.

    I’ll test to see if it’s happening here:
    “I c@&$ wait until dinner so I can eat some f?&$ as I’m so f?&$ing hungry.”


    As a side, I am Twitbookogram friends with three vaginas and a penis named Freddie.

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