Foil Fashion: Get Foiled

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Funky Foil Fashion

My stylist Gucci Mustaf and I were recently approached by My Kitchen Masterchef Rules to glam up kitchen fashion.

The plain black or white aprons they wore were a little bland but necesary and the producers wanted to put a spin of glamour in the kitchen.

The brief was affordable  multipurpose head wear and accessories to wear in the kitchen.  Many of the contestants may have had a flair for corned beef but not the sparkle required to truly sizzle on the screen.

Gucci firstly came up with this foil chefs hat. The sleek lines similar to the traditional toques blanches to show authority or expertise in the kitchen.

You can see from my solemn yet exceptionally stunning looks that I am not too pleased with the simplicity of it.  It oozes more Iron Killer Chef and we went back to the chopping board to rework the design and add that extra zest to the look.

The accessories helped but I wasn’t feeling it.  We needed a mystery box challenge and to add that extra element to the look and a rack of lamb gave us the inspiration for a crown.

Gucci worked around me being the Temple Queen I am  and I explained to her from para phrases of The Block & MKR that the kitchen is the heart of the home or at least my Temple and that you eat with your eyes first, that presentation on the plate or at least my head was vital to winning the judges over.

So with Multix Alfoil as a non sponsor, we were on a roll and completed the task.  As the only Mundane Model in the Southern Hemisphere I was the only person for the job.

get foiled

The Tinny Tiara: Perfect for any Master Ruler Of the Kitchen.

I looked as theatrical than a Heston desert with the simplicity of Jamie Oliver toasted sanga.   Paired with a chunky foil choker I was ready to get baked like a Christmas turkey.

foil fashion

“It would be great to pair the Foil Fashion with the Chuxress especially in the kitchen but it would be a better fit with a Chux-apron and we’re in talks with manufacturers to get it out there.”  Gucci Mustav commented.
Gucci won again with a contract to produce a full range of Foil Fashion items to be sold in some of the top homewear and fashion stores (possibly Harris Scarfe) throughout the world.

foil fashion

Slogans were my forte which is why Gucci and I make such a great team. She creates and sews or bends the Foil Fashion, I model and come up with catchy words to capture the essence of the product.

foil fashion


foil fashion

A cheeky play on words and a word many chefs understand having to work endless split shifts late at night dealing with wannabe foodies that want their steak more than rare…

Please note.. Rare is actually a scam, rare is crap (just like oysters) Chefs give us the impression this is the best way to cook them to save them time.

Go Get Foiled to all the members of the family that sit and tell you a million times that they’re hungry yet don’t move from the couch to cook.

Go Get Foiled to all the freaking cooking us non cooks do and making bolognese for the fifth time in a week because it’s all you know sucks….

It will have different meanings to us all but ultimately make cooking glamourous and for those who can’t afford to go out for a forty dollar meal, it will make them feel a little glam while they slave over a hot oven or bucket of Kentucky.

Foil Fashion is here to stay.. until you need some foil to cover leftovers for the oven then you can rip it off your head an walla!! Or you can just go buy some Multix Alfoil and book in for lessons with myself and Gucci.

foil fashion

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  • Ronnie Peace
    May 23, 2016

    “…Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
    We’ll foil our hearts and heads…”

    This is great, Tamzen. And hear I am covering my head with foil to keep the aliens and/or government from stealing my thoughts, when it is also a fashion statement. Who said men can’t do two things at once!

    (btw, I have it on good authority that the government ARE aliens. Or lizards, as Douglas Adams theorised – make sure you wear your foil top hat when you read this just in case the aliens are monitoring)

    • Tamzen Temple
      May 23, 2016

      Wow!! Multi purpose headwear!! To look glamorous while keeping my thoughts from aliens!! Awesome. I also like exclamation marks !!

  • Pinky Poinker
    May 27, 2016

    As Ronnie said, it has multipurpose. Brilliant. I especially like the choker. It would also prevent burns from spag bol splatters.

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