A list of Client Hairdresser Hates

bad hair days

bad hair days

Here is a list of 30 things that make clients see red with their hairdresser.  From keeping them waiting to talking on their mobile and cutting their hair too short, the Temple has it covered when it comes to hair.

If you want to see what really annoys clients in the salon you should…… Read More..





25 Ways to Stay Trumps with your Hairdresser


If you want gorgeous hair you need to never annoy your hairdresser.

The Temple gives you great hair advice on how to stay trumps with your stylist and have lovely locks.

If you want the full list of how not to make your hairdresser angry you should read all the details on how to …….Read More

Ihana Brushes


I know it’s hard to believe but it takes a lot to make me the stunning Temple Queen I am.  I look rather average and would rather not talk about those horrible tabloid pics of me without makeup or my hair-straightener from the blackout of 2010.

Even I get a fright ……..read more…

Steal Back Time


downloadBig Sigh…. (of love)

Ever since I saw these watches I have hinted and hinted to a clueless Temple Guru to buy me one as a surprise..

I cannot wait another day…..Read more ……..


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