Oh the uproar there was when I posted about the things hairdressers dislike about clients. If it wasn’t for us, clients around the world screamed from the stadiums,  they would have nothing to be annoyed about.  This is true. In order for any hairdresser to be annoyed with their clients they first must have clients and I’m voicing for the clients of the world to you hairdresser, what you do to annoy them. I think you all may be guilty of at least one of these.

  1. Hairdressers that keep you waiting.  We have an appointment right.  Now we may forgive you once but if you keep us waiting at every visit we will get rather annoyed.  Just as you don’t like us being late and keeping you waiting, show the same courtesy.
  2. Hairdressers that fob them off during a service.  Sure we understand if you let us know at the start or if it’s routine and expected. But why should clients pay senior rates when you spend five minutes with them only to get the unsupervised apprentice to do the bulk of the work. Keep contact throughout if this is the case.  If you have to juggle a few clients at once try to spread the love and let your clients know you value them returning. Or you could stop being so money hungry and provide some personal service.
  3. Hairdressers that blow their noses through the service and don’t wash the hands but instead run their snotty fingers through your freshly washed hair.
  4. Rude hairdressers.  Hey we are your client, and we are paying you. We won’t stand for it. As we pay you, you equally owe us for being a loyal client.  There are plenty of more stylists in the hairy sea.
  5. Hairdressers that share too much info. Just as on the reverse list. We don’t want to turn up to a teary hairdresser and offer comfort.  We don’t  need to know about your Brazilian or that you are close to a divorce or can’t stand your partner. We so do not want to hear about your huge night out the night before and how you may puke because you have a hangover.
  6. Hairdressers that smell. Come on. Part of the beauty industry is to look presentable and not smell.
  7. Hairdressers that are obviously talking about you or other clients in or not in your presence in a negative way..   Yes you may gossip but should never do this to or in front of other clients.  What happens in the salon, stays in the salon.
  8. Oh sweetie, darling….. Grrrr we are not your sweetie and we are not your darling.  Don’t patronise us or anyone with that.  Is it an cover that you  forgot our names???
  9. When you stare blankly and say yeah sure. And then do the complete opposite of what the client asks.  Listen to  us your clients as we know what we want. Please  guide us to other possibilities but in the end if a 30 year old wants a short perm (oh bad but it may happen) you may have to do it or send them elsewhere if you don’t want your name to the work.
  10. Hairdressers that forget you are there and chat to the other clients or hairdressers that are in the salon while snipping your locks without watching what they are doing.
  11. Hairdressers that have their mobiles on them or on their trolleys and check them with some lame excuse that they are expecting an important call. What? Every time!!
  12. When perception is way off and you say you want copper hair and get a cherry tomato with a huge dash of ruby red hair.
  13. Slow hairdressers.  Sure it’s nice to spend time in the chair but most clients I have spoken to admit they would rather be at home with family or doing housework than having a four hour color service.  Industry standards are there for a reason, some hairdressers should revisit what is an acceptable time to spend on a client and understand that time is money for both parties especially if they have an hourly rate they charge.
  14. Hairdressers that ignore you on arrival.  We  don’t want to stand there waiting to be acknowledge, we just want to make an appointment or purchase mousse and can do that at any other salon if you keep ignoring me….
  15. Overpriced hairdressers.  Hairdressing is a  service that  seems to have an extensive variance  in pricing.  Two hairdressers may train at the same place and receive the same certificate but one can charge $15 for a haircut and the other $130.  Chances are you will get a better quality and service at the more expensive one but a medium price one sounds good to me.   A cheap hairdresser may feel uninspired that their work is not worth it, an overpriced one may mean they think they are such artists that they could be out of touch with anyone not on a runway. The advantage of an overpriced one is it is likely their employers may put some of that money back into continual training to keep them super talented…. Hmmmm who will clients pick, I can’t tell you unfortunately it’s like any relationship, you just have to try til you find a keeper and that could be a cheapie or a royal one.
  16. When hairdressers leave a salon untraceable and you turn up and get some random stranger handle your locks without any warning. OK it may be a sudden decision, some salons impose a contract that doesn’t allow stylist to contact clients after they leave but hey, I thought we were hair besties.
  17. Hairdressers (female ones) with super low cut tops.  If you’re standing in front of us cutting our fringe we don’t need the eyeful. (Ok males may like this one…..)
  18. Hairdressers that are ageist and continually recommend that because you are old now (43) that you should act your age and have an appropriate short haircut.
  19. Hairdressers that charge kids for first haircuts when they spend approximately 4 minutes trying.  These are your future clients, show a little leeway and charge a small amount or not at all.
  20. Grumpy hairdressers that yell at kids or overreact when they move around. They are kids, explain beforehand to whoever bought them in that if they wriggle too much or cry you may have to stop the service
  21. Cigarette or coffee breath.  If you’re going to work that close to people, mints….
  22. Hairdressers that chew gum while cutting your hair.  If I wanted Maisie the cow to do my hair I would have went to a farm.
  23. Hairdressers with really bad hair.  Set the example.
  24. Non stop talkers that don’t come up for breath….. I either want a conversation or silence.  Unless you have something absolutely awesome to talk about for the two hours I’m there, think moderation.
  25. Loud music or the sports station…
  26. Oh you use that!! Don’t make clients feel inferior because they can’t afford or don’t want to purchase your overpriced products. Offer them a selection for sure but they just paid a bundle for their hair and may be too broke now to follow it up with the products on top.
  27. When a trim to the hairdresser or just a little bit off turns into a lot off and leave the client speechless that they have lost their lovely locks.  We don’t care if you think it will look better, it is way off to what we asked.
  28. Hairdressers that don’t quote or under-quote and then overcharge when you’ve stated you only have a certain amount of money.
  29. Hairdressers that allow you to sit there while your color is burning and you tell them and they say, “all in the name of beauty.”
  30. Hairdressers that encourage you to let them know if you’re not happy, you go back and tell them that you wanted a fringe but they talked you out of it and could they do it please and they huff and flit about grumpily as they fix what should have been done in the first place.

Oh please if my stylist reads this don’t take any offence and show your revenge through my hair…

Should you have anything to add to this list please scroll all the way down and do so.  For the sake of all the clients that haven’t had the chance to vent.


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  • Sue Coletta
    October 7, 2014

    Speaking as an ex-salon owner and cosmetologist I can honestly say I became a hairdresser for these very reasons. In my salon, no one got away with any of these things. If I spotted someone being rude, gossiping, or ignoring their client I included them in my conversation with my client. There’s no reason for any to feel bad at the hairdressers. It should be a fun place that you want to come. I had many of my clients “stop by” just because they liked the atmosphere I created. I’m sorry you’ve had such bad experiences. But– my time is over. I focus on my writing full-time now. Maybe someday I’ll write a post about clients. You’d be surprised by what some of them do!

    • Tamzen Temple
      October 7, 2014

      Agreed. And in an ex hairdresser too. I wrote the ‘ways to stay trumps with your hairdresser’ first and had do many emails asking me do the flip side. I’d love you to check it out also under GEE style or link at the start of this post and let me know any I should add. And we love your blog. I just get a happily distracted there with those gorgeous animal pics before I read all the awesome bits.

      • Sue Coletta
        October 24, 2014

        Sorry I’m so late in replying. I’ve been crazy busy. I’ll check out that post now.

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