Hashtag Tattoo: The Explanation

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INKED: A Hashtag Tattoo

So many people ask me why I have a hashtag tattoo.  I ask them back why they wear so much eyeliner or why they have pants that are way too tight.. or why they insist on coloring their hair in a soft pastel grey, wear a cowboy hat, wear paisley and stripes together.. or why they don’t wear a bra for to support their buxom melons… (especially men)…

I ask them why they still wear blue eyeshadow at the age of 50, active wear to sit on the couch, their pants so low that I can see their undies or why they may think I have a hashtag tattoo.  (I don’t really ask.. I instead roll my eyes at them and all the asking occurs in my head)

We should all do what we want when it comes to the accessories of life….  My thing is a hastag tattoo.

hashtag tattoo

Critics to fashion can only be matched by critics to a lifestyle or quirky behavior.

Some people wonder why I blog about ridiculous things.. I ask them why they blog about normal things,  swear, jog, look at their phones half their lives, are mean or nasty, read erotica, ride scooters in suits, sing out loud despite their terrible voices, have an affair, kiss their cat, drive a jeep in the city, or talk with an accent when they don’t really have one.. (once again.. eye roll.. voices in my head)

What I love about age is you love the insane.  You appreciate the crazy or at least respect them enough to be a little crazy and you develop an understanding for those who do wrong but please note.. I don”t really care what they are wearing or doing as long as they are happy….  As long as they aren’t hurting anyone.. but if someone should ask me why I do what I do I can easily react just as inappropriately as they do.

hashtag tattoo

As an eighteen year old I remember clearly laughing with my friends at the man who was on the dancefloor alone. Dancing ALONE on the empty floor!! (For those of you who don’t know what alone means that means solo.. without a friend or relative or even stranger in the vicinity)

OMG we would think he was an absolute loon but it was back in the day were OMG was actually full words…  Who would do that seriously?? He never knew we laughed at him, it wasn’t that we were pointing a giggling.. It was a private joke.  He was an enigma to us and would have been so old.. at least 25…

Now all those years on, I have the Guru by my side… he loves to dance. Loves it and believes he “invented” many moves that have been ripped off by others….

Should I not want to head out on the floor with him, he goes it alone.  I love him for it.  He goes crazy and I’m certain he is in the zone of being free and young and embracing the energy that dance gives him.  I understand now that it takes guts to dance alone.  You would have to be super brave to be out there for the scrutiny of young or undeveloped minds like mine once was or be so free in your mind that you would just not care.  He never questions my hashtag tattoo.

If you loved doing something, anything, why should it matter what anyone else thinks?  (Except if harming another through words or violence is something you love. Don’t freaking do that.. )

I have to admit, other than couple dancing, these days I have to be a bit drunk to bust a groove… terrible I know but I have no desire to dance at all except with Bronzy in the lounge and this is to encourage him to keep fit….

Aside from my hashtag tattoo, I have an @ on my left fingertip also…  I figure at least my tattoos will be useful.  Blogging and being semi famous can be exhausting so having these symbols inked on me save me time…. I can hold up my finger or hand and say nothing, they’ll know where to find me on social channels by doing this….

hashtag tattoo

Unlike the unknown Dippy, I mean Dappy…who got a hashtag tattoo on his face.. (that is just silly DipDap) so he will always stay on trend even though he has never been on trend I got mine have an actual useful purpose.

I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me which is what age has taught me and in my times of doubt and with a son to set an example for I try to be fearless and carefree.  When he asks why there is a lady wearing a red riding hood cape or blue eyeshadow, super tight pants, a pirate..(a guy with an unrequired eye patch)  or why that guy has pink hair, pastel hair or my ultimate favorite two eccentrics I have ever seen… I tell him it’s because they learned to be brave early and found who they were sooner than most.

And then he put this on his head…..

hashtag tattoo

He loved wearing that jug… I was so proud of my little man for being fearless enough to appreciate that red looks great on him even if it’s a cheap plastic and innovative enough to think of using it as a hat and that he could run into the walls and it was just like a helmet…. My child.. so proud..

It is a changing world and I like to keep up to date with changes to social media, thus why I’m trialling the Periscope hearts you can see on the top pic…

So with his dad dancing alone and me with my symbols over me  he should be set to be ridiculous or crave to be normal…

All I can say is Hashtag what an awesome life….

What is your strange yet awesome accessory or habit? Scroll scroll down to tell me…. xo

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  • Pinky Poinker
    March 31, 2016

    Um. I have nothing. I feel ashamed. I have a tattoo but it’s hidden. I suppose my most awesome accessory is my car which is bright yellow with pink number plates and a sticker saying ‘Golden Boy’ on the back. Great post Princess Tamzy.

    • Tamzen Temple
      March 31, 2016

      Oh you crazy woman but you were gutsy and wore that amazing pink wedding dress. Owned the look and made me want to wear a pink wedding dress or at least break away from the tradition for my future nuptials. And the thing is, it doesn’t matter if anyone has a thing or not, as long as there’s the serenity within of liking who you are. Xxxxxx golden boy ?????❤️

  • K E Garland
    April 20, 2017

    Love it!

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