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I’ll be sharing with you stories of the men who have entered my life.  From Micko the Temple Guru, Kanye and of course George, there have been so many who I have crossed paths with and I am sharing these stories with you.  Some are great others think think they are great.  We hope you enjoy.

My short-lived journalism career.

It started on a high after graduating as a mature aged student in Journalism.  An interview with George Clooney.  I had just been offered an opportunity with Newz Corp, a plumb job as their media correspondent with an all expense trip to LA to interview George about his new movie.

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George Clooney Apologises to Tamzen Temple

george edited.

If you’ve read my interview with George in Close Encounters, you will know the passion he felt for me just wasn’t going to disappear overnight.  I’m so happy to hear he’s moved on with the news of his recent engagement and thought I’d share with you the letter I received prior to the media discovering his engagement.

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The End:  Goodbye From George

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Dearest Tamzen Temple,   my one true love…

Sorry, I had to get that out before I begin.

I need your invaluable advice.  As you know, I have finally settled and am getting married at the end of the month to Amal.

Here’s my problem.

I am f*%## freaking out.  As the day draws closer I can’t help feel I’ve made the wrong decision.      Read More



Facebook To Ban Over 35s In an exclusive to the Temple we found out that Mark Zuckerberg has began works to ban over 35s from Facebook. Here’s the interview.

Tamzen:  Hello Mr  Zuckenberg

Mark:  The name’s Mark.  Tamzen:  Thanks Mark, call me Tamzen.  Now there’s a heap of outrage at the moment that you’re going to cut Facebook into sections.  Read More


Only One: Kanye: Who is Sir Paul?

I was running late last week for a catch up with  Sir Paul McCartney at the Temple.  To my devastation my personal assistant Kim Groman, yet to reach twenty years of age, decided to take it on herself to grill him about his latest collaboration with  Kanye West.

Here’s how it went down…  Kim Groman:  Thank you Sir Paul for joining me today.  I must say Sir…   Read More


Kanye West Missing in Compassion


So while he was in OZ Kimmy organised an interview at their  penthouse suite for he and I to have a quick chat.

Kimmy came and baby sat Bronzy here at the Temple for the afternoon (he looooves Aunty Kimmy) while I headed to the city to grill him about his favorite subject.  Himself.

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the rock instagram

Last Sunday, on a mini holiday in Sydney, the Temple Guru  and myself went to the supermarket to gather some supplies. He wondered off at the registers, probably to search for that elusive jam doughnut that seems to now be extinct, (according to him)  but returned when I was loading myself up with green bags to head back to the car.       Read More

Jamie Oliver; You have stole 3 hours of my life.

After countless weeks of pursuing Jamie Oliver, his PR agent, his wife and assistants to try and bring you an exclusive to the myth of the ‘fifteen minute meal’, I had to face reality. The rejection was enormously clear and the reply from all of them was this.  “Just go away Tamzen Temple”.  So after a …

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