Work with Me, a Temple Queen.

Hello, I’m Tamzen Temple and I am a Geelong based writer who loves creating and thinking up delicious ways to use words.  I’m uncoordinated which is why I choose words over sports and often wear black to save me the time of matching clothes.

If you would like to work with me here’s a bit of what I do.

  • Reviews
  • Freelance writing
  • Affiliate links
  • Mundane Modelling
  • Banner ads
  • Sponsored posts.  Please understand however that I will only consider products/services that are a fit for Tamzen Temple and my readers
  • Other collaborations

In regard to my freelance writing here’s an endorsement.

 There is no 1 else I goes too for

my inspirings words than Tamzen Temple.

Two bad bout her spelling:   Dalai Lama

If you would like to hire me to write you up something hilarious, or serious, or slightly funny or even an obituary, you can email me via the addy below.

I have been writing a lifetime and formalized this with a journalism degree.

With three books in this year’s most read, (yet to be published but are in my head & computer) I amazingly  still rely on spelling and grandma grammer grammar check to ensure each is word perfect.

Tamara Zito Tamzen Temple

I have been a hairdresser for over twenty five years, (no longer) a writer for life who went to uni as a mature aged student and gained my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.  I have also been on the board of studies at training institutions creating/developing curriculum and innovative in instructional design. So if you would like to use my expertise in these areas and get me to write something amazing for you, contact me.

Besides Tamzen Temple the blog, I currently am working on a sitcom/reality version of the blog, which will appear on our You Tube channel.

I work also as a a Social Media Consultant, Business Brainstormer and writer at my small business Before Breakfast .

I am a pretend movie star on You Tube.  Check out an episode of The Temple and subscribe, share to get the message of the effects that social media and technology are having within our homes.

I also have a few children books in the works, and I really do have two completed, one sent off to a publisher already…. Hurry up!!  Like seriously just read them quickly and put me out of my misery…

So if you are an editor that would like a look at these incredible works of fiction, or anyone else that wants something unique created or to organise any of the above listed services you can email me at:

Peace and Ommmm and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tamzen Temple

aka Tamara Zito

Please read Copyright and Disclaimer


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