The Hidden Dangers of Instagram Bots

Instagram Bots Not.

I was at a cafe with friends the other day and one of them was taking the standard coffee pic while bragging that they had just been followed by a incredibly handsome male supermodel from France.

She was chuffed and started to flip her hair around while telling us he left a comment saying, “Awesome shot.”

“No he didn’t.” I said.

“Yes he did Tamzen Temple. You’re not the only one who gets admired by people across the world….”

So I left it at..   I had to give her a moment of fake glory to take away her Instagram insecurities.

By doing so left me in a dilemon……. (cross between a dilemma and lemon as it could be bitterly tragic to my bff)

Do I just allow her to believe in a false admiration?  Or hit her with the facts? ……

Spoiler alert for any Instagrammers that don’t want to know the truth….. Do not read on.

Instagram is full of fake likes and bots that hand out random comments like current salons are churning out pastel hair tones…

Instagress,   Autogrambot and Likestagram are all programs that help desperate people wanting to increase their followers, but are too lazy to engage with real people themselves so use these Instagram bots, to fake it.

Let’s look at this example.  Pierre… the French hottie who said “Awesome Shot” to my BFF Rochelle goes into this program picks five to ten hashtags that he knows will possibly be used by a particular demographic that he’s aiming for in terms of followers and does the following.

For every time the following words come up, one or two things will happen.  He (The Instgram Bots) will automatically like your pic and leave a generated comment based on that word.

Words that he may want to target and the comments he may use are:

#Model:  WOW   #Fit:  Great work   #Designer : Looks good   #gym:  Awesome shot.

Now the blatantly obvious problem with using these auto bots can be the following.

  • They are not real likers.. They have only liked because you have liked them.
  • They will highly likely not be engaged users.
  • They will highly likely go over to see who left this random comment and possibly like a pic back as a common courtesy.
  • They may follow back only but will possibly unfollow you when they realise you no longer follow them.

Unfollowing is a common thing Instagram bots do.  They lure you in and unfollow just as quickly so you don’t notice.

They trick unsuspecting users to engage or follow by faking comments or follows….

Go on.. I dare you to test this if you are a good old fashioned person, non blogger, non business..  Use the hashtags: #famous, #actor, #coffee #travel and I guarantee you will get random likes possibly by a wannabe actor, agent wanting to represent you, coffee shop wanting numbers or travel agent wanting to sell you a trip.

The Hidden Danger of Instagram Bots.

If you use some words you may end up some sites that are not appealing or the complete opposite to what you should and this will be visible to your followers/customers.

If you check your likes/comments you will see this when you click on the heart.

For yourself

instagram bots

Now Lauramay007 uses bots as she likes a few accounts I manage and leaves random Instagram Bots’ comments.

Then you can see who others are liking. I have only included myself from another page to protect others’ privacy.

Instagram Bots

Now here’s an example of the danger.

When doing some work for a company that produces an awesome baby product,  I sometimes go in and look at who has followed who and what they have liked as it’s a great way to find like minded people who may be interested in the product as they are already linked to someone you know.

When you check who has followed or liked pics it may come up in their timelines that they have liked hashtags that may be relevant but may include some undesirables or alternates to the hashtags that don’t represent their brand.

instagram bots

Or they misspell a hashtag and it comes up in their timeline of posts they have like that may include these.

instagram bots


Or there was a recent spate of spam from Snapchat Babies that were nudey rudey. (I have to say this appears to be lesser than once was. Instgram must be onto it.)

Instagram bots

Or proud partners may post pics of their baby…..
Instagram bots


How sweet. He must be so proud of his baby that he had to share.. so in love with each other??

Get my drift now?

Sometimes when I look on this feed of others that sell baby goods or who are putting their children on to sell as brand ambassadors and who obviously are using auto bots to increase their following you can see they have liked many of these pics automatically and if you didn’t know about the bots you could assume they were a bit perverted or wonder why their likes or follows were not in line with their brand.

They’ve auto liked and commented on the following hashtags… (remembering they are targeting people with babies)

#mybabygirl  #mybaby #babes  Autobotting a like for every picture that contains this/these hashtags among others and then when you check out who they have followed or liked may SHOCK you.. or not.

instagram bots

They have liked or followed without even knowing it..naked women,  naked men……. or even worse… Kim Kardashian!!

Now you know this you can see why the bots could be highly damaging to your businesses or your own reputation.  Plus if you are a mummy blogger or a mum trying to push her child as a brand rep and tagging their pics with these hashtags, be aware you are putting them in feeds where potential erotic pics exist and wrong eyes are upon them.

So there.  This is one example of hashtags gone wrong when linked to Instagram bots.

They may choose hashtags to BOT based on geographic location, to sell active wear or sports supplements by telling you “great guns” or “very pretty” for a selfie.. only to find they are selling makeup or the most annoying for anyone that uses the hashtag blogger or social influencer, you will get all sorts of social media managers telling you “great feed”.

That is why you shouldn’t like random people until you have checked them out, don’t follow them back just because they have followed you.

Check the hashtags you are using are relevant and that the people using them are like minded people.

What are your favorite hashtags..?  Have you been caught out on Instagram? Scroll scroll down to let me know.

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  • Pinky Poinker
    June 5, 2016

    Twitter is the same. I always check that people who follow me are real people. Mind you a few duds manage to slip through 🙂

    • Tamzen Temple
      June 5, 2016

      Twitter!! Ahhhh that is the same but the messages come privately… So annoying.

  • Janine
    June 7, 2016

    Ugh Instagram. Im almost at the point of chucking the whole thing in! Thanks for the info… I didn’t know it was that bad…naively! I know I was fed up with the follow/unfollow game and this helps explain why.

    • Tamzen Temple
      June 7, 2016

      I still love Instagram and usually just delete spammy comments. Still prefer it to Facebook!!

  • Carol Mann
    April 23, 2017

    Thanks for all the information. Haven’t tried Instagram yet.

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