Interview with a Really Inconsiderate Person (RIP): Why Wednesday???

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I know it is hard to believe but we at the Temple cannot answer every question. Sometimes we sit thinking why, why and why again.  Human behaviour intrigues me and why people behave a certain way outside the norms of society sometimes astounds me.

There are some things that are strange but we can somehow find a simple explanation.  Take  the  movie, Mulholland Drive.  It was possibly the worst, tripped out movie I have ever seen. The simple explanation to this is everyone involved was on an LSD trip from start to finish.

Other things leave you wondering, scratching your head.  Unless Gwenyth explains how she stewed up the name Apple for her daughter, Michael Jackson rises from beyond to reveal just why he called his son Blanket or Lil’ Kim can convince us that her newborn daughter Royal Reign will grow into her regal role,  we will never know why they have subjected their children to a lifetime of taunts.  Maybe to toughen them up, we just don’t know and may never know.

Today we want to address strange yet sometimes common occurrences  that cannot be explained.  So we begin Why Wednesday.  Maybe you can enlighten us and guide us to the answers with our first WHY???

Here’s an interview with a Really Inconsiderate Person (RIP) and we hope after reading it you can share your experience and enlighten us to the answers. (Keep scrolling all the way down to leave your comments)

Interview with a Really Inconsiderate Person. (RIP)

Tamzen Temple:  Hello…….. Hello………………..Excuse me, I said hello.

RIP:  Yeah what?

Tamzen Temple: Ah well you agreed to be interviewed to explain your rudeness.

RIP:  Yeah whatever.

Tamzen Temple:  Ok a question. Why do you ignore people? You know a simple hello goes a long way.

RIP: I say hello to people.

Tamzen Temple:  Not all, actually only a very select few. The rest you stare blankly at and ignore their hellos to you. I’ve had you say hello to the person I’m standing next to and completely ignore me even when I have said hello.

RIP: I just haven’t got the time.

Tamen Temple: What for one extra hello?

RIP: That’s right.

Tamzen Temple: But these are people you work with, that you see regularly in a small environment. Don’t you feel a bit rude?

RIP: Maybe I’m shy.

Tamzen Temple: Crap, I have found shy people usually come around and end up developing positive relationships with those who have made the effort.  You are just constantly rude and really there’s no real reason to do that.

RIP: Maybe I’m too good for you all.

Tamzen Temple: Um we are all together in this group, equal. What makes anyone higher in rank to show rudeness? I couldn’t care if you were the Queen, I would expect basic consideration.

RIP: Look, obviously you have issues. Get over it.

Tamzen Temple:  I am over it; in fact I don’t really care.  I only say hello now to annoy you knowing I won’t get a response. It actually makes me a little sad that you’re missing out on getting to know the great people that are here just because you are rude. I would say you are probably unfulfilled in life and full of toxic negatives.  I feel a little sad and I’d like to help you find inner peace but have decided you are no longer worthy of entering my peaceful zone.

RIP:  Like I said, whatever freak.

Oh help this rude person overcome their ignorance and all they miss out because of it. I’m sure you have all met or associated with one of these beings and they have been sent to challenge us.  The Temple has this rule: If you have tried six times to engage with someone like this and they continue to ignore you, you have permission to pretend they no longer exist. (Any more than this you will feel humiliated and like an idiot that you continued trying and may start to envision yourself throwing them onto a busy highway or lacing their lunch with laxatives and we would prefer these RIP not bring out the dark side in you.)

This may sound Untemple like but we’d rather you invest your time to those of value that deserve to know the great person you are.

Ommm and Peace from the Temple.

xo Tam

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  • Mariam
    June 12, 2014

    Oh Tam, I so agree with you. What is up with celebrities their baby names? Can you imagine those babies growing up, and the teacher calling them Apple during roll call? Poor kids.

    • Tamzen Temple
      June 12, 2014

      I know, although I wanted to call our son D’Artagnan and my partner wanted to call him Spartacus so I shouldn’t really talk. My stepson told us he’d choose as we were both being ridiculous. So Lebron he became and Bronzy has stuck. Gwenyth is so stuck on the whole health thing for her children maybe she thought a healthy name would see them through life in making healthy food choices.

  • AnnMarie
    June 12, 2014

    Hi there,
    Great post. I always think it humorous as a substitute teacher when you find yourself walking down a long school corridor and another adult or student approaches from the opposite end – in my head, I always try and guess if they’ll say hello and if so who’ll beat who. I make a point of acknowledging anyone walking in the opposite direction. I’m amazed how many people try and make pretend they’re alone in the hallway…it is kind of funny
    AnnMarie 🙂

    • Tamzen Temple
      June 13, 2014

      Thanks AnnMarie, It can be like a Mexican standoff, but shouldn’t all make the newbie welcome and as you are a teacher wouldn’t it be nice for all to set an example of manners for any watching students. I don’t know why people are so afraid to be considerate these days. At least you can go home each night with a clear conscience knowing you were the one that tried. Thanks for popping in. Peace and Ommm and a big HELLO from the Temple. xx

  • Lana
    June 13, 2014

    I’d go nuts trying to decipher the whys of Hollywood. I simply tune out rather than become dizzy with it. but there is also the why if the everyday person and I’ve given up trying to figure it out. I’ll never grasp some ,actions and I’m okay with that

    • Tamzen Temple
      June 13, 2014

      Too right Lana, we are all in our own little worlds and communities and hope that doesn’t segregate us when it comes to common courtesy but it does. We are all the same the only thing to me which elevates a person is their absolute decency to be the best person they can be for no reason other that it’s the right thing to do and makes the world a better place. Like a say, if you can be alone in your thoughts and truly happy with your behavior through life or at least try to amend the wrongs that have past us then that’s as simple as life should be. Congrats on being published. 🙂

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