Interview with Sir God.

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Oh My Freaking God.

I have noticed a trend that is like a grimy stain that can’t seem to be removed with Napisan or Preen Degreaser nor can it be recognised by some even with a telescopic telescope while wearing bifocal binoculars..

The disgusting, festering Facebook feed that appears as: Write BLESS, AMEN or LIKE or SHARE to say a PRAYER.

As Temple Queen who believes she is an icon within herself, as usual I thought it was my duty to find out the truth.

I met him, Sir God, for an interview at The Barn,  a concept type bar/accommodation cider house down a long windy road.

I took Micko, Madge and Vaughn with me in case God turned out  to be a lunatic. (Which he wasn’t)

Anywho, while the three disciples of mine drank cider, I sat on some straw with God himself and asked him about his presence on Facebook.

Tamzen Temple: Sir God, whateth goes to the Facebook posteth my lord?

God: Oh for F*&%s sake I don’t post on Facebook.  You should know being of a biblical and royal background TT that I would have no part of any ridiculous scheme on Zuckerberg’s heaven.

Tamzen Temple:  So you never endorse those posteths that ask for a blessing, a prayer or a like to save a child, ill person, unfortunate situation or any posts that asks for a like to save their souls?

God: Hell no.  Thank me that finally I have a chance to put these morons straight.  I seriously created mankind to have a brain to think for themselves.  Not to use the whole bless/amen/pray words to become false icons to gain followers.  I mean are people down here that stupid?

Tamzen Temple: ‘Fraid so…

God:  I cannot believe that people click a grey thumbs up, making it blue and believe a prayer will be said. What happened to actually praying for someone and might I add these people who post the actual pictures or memes usually find a random picture from searching Google, picked, cropped out of the actual real picture and post it without consent to the person who is actually in the picture.  Idiots who like/pray/share/tag/heart or freaking whatever they do on Facebook are only being sucked in.  They don’t do any research to see if the person is real, they often violate that person’s power in the picture and give power to morons who are posting it.  Zuckerberg just turns his head and allows it within his guidelines of non violation.

Tamzen Temple: Jesus God, you really are getting worked up about this.  You are so angry in fact that you only used two commas in that really long statement.

God:  I F&%$#ing had enough.  An example is a small child who is ill who has possibly died, or a person who may be disfigured through an accident or look different due to a medical condition.  Someone, some glutton Facebook idiot has stolen their picture and put a caption under it:  Help this person who has to face life like this or, rare disease makes them a freak, pray for their lives to raise awareness, this person has an incurable disease and wants to see if they can reach 10,000 likes…. that sort of crap you know.

Tamzen Temple: Yes seeneth  heaps of those, can you pass the garlic bread please?

God: Sure…. Meanwhile as every idiot likes, prays, shares, amens,  there is the actual person or their family suffering as they see these images appear on their timeline and feel violated, humiliated, degraded, stripped of any self worth as they read the comments knowing they have had their power taken away.

Tamzen Temple:  So what can we do Sir God?

God: Stop liking random posts.  Do your research if you really feel it is genuine. Do a google image search on the pic and it most probably will find the original owner or even better, ask yourself why the original owner didn’t post this themselves.  REPORT the imbeciles who post them to Facebook, or comment and ask where the original pic comes from so you can go there yourself and like the owner’s page. You may find out the real story.

Tamzen Temple: Thanks God, keep up the reasonable work.

God: I try my best.

So with that God went off with the boys and talked of old times. Micko loves a bit of history and jokes and told God about the dyslexic guy who wondered if there really was a dog.  (Disclaimer.. Apologies to anyone who may be offended by that joke but it’s freaking hilarious)

god temple

(Join us 2.30 Periscope: Micko, Madge & Vaughn 2.30 Saturday Aust est)


PLEAAASSEEEE don’t be suckered into those stupid posts.  Research and help your family, friends and strangers you meet rather that a quick contribution to Facebook that only increases an idiot’s profile.

Peace and Ommmni from the Temple

xoxoxo Tamzen

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  • Ashleigh @ MyMeow
    February 10, 2016

    Amen to that! By the way, like this comment and my sisters cats cousins best friend who is a chipmunk will receive a kidney transplant…

  • Ronnie Peace
    February 11, 2016

    Good God, y’all! I liketh.
    Solid journalism. You don’t see the likes of Ray Martin or Diane Sawyer or Louis Theroux or Piers Morgan interviewing God now, do you. You’re sure to get the Mehr Walkley Award for this.

    Unfortunate you had your two front teeth removed at the timeth of the interview.

    I’ve always wanted to ask God if Godzilla is his pet, or a failed creation or another God.

    Keep up the God work (‘dog work’, for the dyslexic guy).

    • Tamzen Temple
      February 11, 2016

      I know. Ray or Diane don’t have the contacts I do…. I’m just astounded however that I don’t get the audience or understanding that they or God does… I did have my teeth implanted back after the interview. Godzilla… damn! I should have asked him. Next time… blessethed..

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