Interview with Thyself: The Coolest Person I Know

TZ : Hey Tamzen, you’re looking fabulous.

Tamzen: Why thanks, I washed my hair.

TZ:  Oh is that a big deal?

Tamzen:  Hell yeah!  Don’t you know after having a child that you may not even get to brush your teeth until Wednesday.

TZ:  Shhh, you’re scaring all the would be mothers.

Tamzen:  You know what?   I don’t care.  Seriously my friend Penny said if the truth about motherhood was revealed we would never reproduce.  I’m here to change that.

TZ: What, to stop people reproducing?

Tamzen: No you idiot, to inform them of the truth.  Childbirth hurts you know, I mean it freaking hurts lots.

TZ:  I think everyone knows that.

Tamzen: Well yeah, maybe that truth has been exposed but what about the stitches.

TZ: Oh, um I don’t wanna know about that.

Tamzen: That’s my point, I didn’t know.

TZ:  So are you saying you wouldn’t have done it had you known.

Tamzen: No of course I would but…..

TZ: But what?

Tamzen:  Ahhh, seriously, I think I’m gunna have to rethink my approach to the info I’m sharing. Right, here’s the plan, we’ll start off small but we’ll add as we go from a lifestyle to parenting section and even reviews on products, movies and more.  I think we’re going to need help and find a few contributors, experts in their field.

TZ:  Sounds exciting.  I’m in.  Can you tell us, how did you come up with the name, Tamzen Temple?

Tamzen:  Well Micko, my incredibly handsome partner calls me Tamzen.

TZ: Is that not your real name?

Tamzen:  No it’s actually Tamara but he called me that when we first met and now all his network think that’s my name.  I don’t mind.

TZ:  What about the Temple part?

Tamzen:  Ah, well if you notice, Tamzen has ZEN in it.  So Temple followed naturally.   I love the whole Temple part as I want here not to just be a webpage or blog but a place for people to come and enjoy and share the absurdities and tranquillity of life.

TZ: Wow, a place not just a website. You are genius!

Tamzen:  So it’s all about the Temple and we’re wanting to encourage all women to be the Temple Queens they were destined to be, and the men to be Gurus and the children gifts from the Temple Gods.

TZ: Sounds interesting.

Tamzen:  I know.. With the big plans and changes happening  for the site you’ll have to make sure you pop in often and press follow so you don’t miss out.

TZ: Already have.

Tamzen:  Great and I appreciate you all.   Ommmm and peace from the Temple.

TZ:  You do realise you’re not really in a Temple or a Temple Queen?

Tamzen: It’s a virtual world TZ, I can be whoever I want.  You may exit. Ommmm from the Temple.

The End.


Image Although I love chatting to myself (come on we all do it)  I’m rather glad and very blessed that I have these two to keep me company. xo   (C) T Zito 2014.


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This was a Minterview

  • Amy Juicebox
    April 28, 2014

    This was hilarious and awesome!! Love it!

    • Tamzen Temple
      April 29, 2014

      Why thanks Amy Juicebox. I know it’s hard to believe but I’m actually not that cool. Here at the Temple we think it’s important to think positive things even if they’re just a figment of our imaginations. Peace and Ommm

      • Amy Juicebox
        April 29, 2014

        Lol. I likes it!

  • Peta Andrews
    May 22, 2014

    Hi Tam!
    Your site is hilarious! You sure have moved up from leaving notes in prickle trees! Love ya!
    (Also former prickle tree note leaver.)

    • Tamzen Temple
      May 22, 2014

      Ahhh thanks. I am so pleased you have joined us. Oh how I miss those trees and being told off for climbing them. That’s it. I’m starting a temple crusade. Let us all leave a inspirational note in a tree for someone to find. xoxox

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