Kanye West Missing in Compassion

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Kanye West Going Quickly South.

Kanye West rejected my calls at first until he realized that Kimmy and I are besties from way back.

So while he was in OZ Kimmy organised an interview at their  penthouse suite for he and I to have a quick chat.

Kimmy came and baby sat Bronzy here at the Temple for the afternoon (he looooves Aunty Kimmy) while I headed to the city to grill him about his favorite subject.  Himself.

Here is the transcript.

Tamzen Temple: So Kanye, it’s been rumored that you don’t have a brain.

KW:  What? Who’s said that?

Tamzen Temple: Well actually no one in particular, just murmurs I’ve heard. It’s been more a case of what you’ve said and done that is making the world wonder.

KW:  That’s not true. I have one and use it, my brain, to its fullest capacity.

Tamzen Temple: Yeah, I’m not convinced, you’ve said some pretty strange and random things of late and done some even dumber things.

KW: Like what

Tamzen Temple: Like… well there was the whole  incident you’ve done your best to ignore and I’ve gotta admit I can understand why as  it was agonizing watching you target those two at your concert that  were in wheelchairs.

KW:  Listen, my music lifts people to a higher level.  If only they believed fully they may have been cured and ….

Tamzen Temple: Cured?? What would one of them grow back the leg they are missing? Is that possible?

KW: The power of my mind is one that can will anything. Either way they should not have interrupted the flow like they did.  Everyone was having a great night until then.

Tamzen Temple: Thus my argument of the public wondering if you have a brain.

KW:  Like I said yes I do and I believe I use double the norm.   While others are only using 10 percent I Kanye am using 20 percent.

Tamzen Temple:  That’s actually a myth. Most or all of the brain is active so you may be right.  You Kanye may yourself only use 20 percent and not be using the part of your brain that uses common sense, compassion, modesty and consideration to others.

KW:  I consider others.  My girl Kimmy, I consider her to be one hot mama…

Tamzen Temple: Seriously…..??!!  What about this you said in a recent interview and I quote word for word, “I specifically ordered Persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh.” I mean is that the biggest problem you have ‘cause if it is you are out of touch.

KW:  Well it’s not like I wanted real angels. … Well there weren’t any available.

Tamzen Temple: And you seem to be a lot of people.

KW:  How you mean??

Tamzen Temple:  Well you have said such words as “ I’m like Steve Jobs, David Stern, the new Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain…. “

KW: This is true, I am as great as all of them put together.

Tamzen Temple: Yeah see I’m the opposite, I like to think when I get massively famous I’d like to say, I am unlike anyone you have ever met rather than a comparison of many.

KW:  You wouldn’t understand about greatness Tamzen Temple as you are a minor, a mere speck in the league of famousness….

Tamzen Temple:  Oh Kanye we’ll pray for you.  Last question.  Is it true then that you are your favourite rapper and your one regret is that you will never see yourself perform?

KW:  I’ll admit I said this but it  was actually a private conversation I was having with  myself in the mirror and someone overheard.  That conversation, that quote was purely for me and myself.

Tamzen Temple:  Right.  Well thank you Kanye.

KW: A pleasure Tamzen Temple.  You may now kiss my Jesus ring.

Tamzen Temple:  Ahhh no thanks.  I’ll pray to him direct.


Kanye we send Temple vibes your way although I think they may not get through your posse and security team.

Please think of being a little humble as you sit on one of your gold plated toilet seats that cost over $800,000 while you watch the news (if you can take the footage of yourself off for a moment) and think about the hungry, the poor and those who may not be as perfect in your eyes.

In the end we are all born as the perfect creatures known as babies, naked and helpless and we all die.  We are all equal and as great as the real love and compassion we show.

Peace and Ommmm from the Temple.

PS.. Kim Kardashian, please call me.  I know your angry because of this whole interview but are you really gunna choose your man over your lifelong sister from another mister??  xx Mwah.

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