The Temple Beauty Favs

Let’s Face It: IHANA

I know it’s hard to believe but it takes a lot to make me the stunning Temple Queen I am.  I look rather average and would rather not talk about those horrible tabloid pics of me without makeup or my hair-straightener from the blackout of 2010.

Even I get a fright when I look at them and mistake me for Quasimodo. Yes, it’s true.  I am not a natural beauty, it takes hard work and lots of chocolate to get these thighs thunderous and the wrinkles have long claimed ownership of my face like the delta streams in the west.

Anywho.  To look the best I can I use some of the following things and wish to the Temple Gods for some others.

Go on and check them out.  They are non-sponsored so I get nothing out of my recommendations, just knowing that there will be another gorgeous being on the earth is enough.

Make Up Brushes.

Oh IHANA, you had me at hellllooooo.


Professional full sets or a handbag size savior…With your choice of natural and vegan brushes that are soft enough for my delicate Temple skin…… Sigh! I’m in IHANA heaven. Oh and your KABUKI brush… It has to be experienced to understand. Bless you IHANA, for making beautiful humans.





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