Looks Matter: So Stop Looking

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Appearance is everything……

The story of the girl I saw with the pink and blue hair…  a green tartan skirt with holey black stockings.   Purple shirt with a red vest.  Absolutely owning her look.  Big false lashes and a baby doll face.  Bright red lips and a hole in her ear as big as a five cent piece.  Chunky boots that carried an aura to be envious of…..

YET slowly her shoulders slouched as eyes scanned her……. ? Their looks judged her as their eyes scanned her with their burning questions to themselves in their empty skulls of why would you choose to wear that, be a little different….????

I heard a guy say to his partner…”Someone should tell her she looks like a freak.”

I hovered ready to pounce if anyone did.

Who cares what anyone looks like as long as they are Just Being Freaking Nice….OK..!

He may have looked ‘normal’ (oh so boring) but to me he was the freak believing that his opinion mattered.

She is not carrying a knife, a gun or a swearing profanities.  She patted a child’s head as she walked past and smiled at the little urchin who probably thought she was a life sized doll.

If she didn’t care about his shallow, sheltered, one dimensional personality then why should he care about how she looks  for the fleeting moment he has seen her. They will most likely never cross paths again so back off dude.

Anywho. Looks do matter… If you look at yourself and feel awesome and reflect who you are then your looks matter to yourself and no one else.

The looks however the glaring disapproving, wondering from others can be the difference in someone’s life.

Love how you look , don’t ever care how others look at you.

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Peace and Ommmni from the Temple. xo


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