Kitchen Gadgets: More Ridiculous and Useless Items

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Easter Sunday I had to run to the supermarket to gather a few supplies as my kitchen cupboards were bare.  Ninety dollars later I wandered past one of my favorite discount shops and was lured in with red signs promising massive savings.  I  have to avoid these bargain stores as impulse purchases lead to clutter leads to a waste of space and money but I just couldn’t resist.

You can imagine my delight when I found some more useless items, all within the same hanging space.  I looked above as I was certain there would  be a sign directing consumers to take the advice of the Temple before purchasing a ridiculous item but found none.  I got out my phone and snapped away thinking of you all.

  • An avocado keeper:  Oh woe is  me, this is a tricky one to approach as I guy I work with admits his girlfriend has one of these.  When I asked him, “what happens if you only eat a quarter, or if you’re left with a quarter?”  He stared blankly wondering if it was a riddle or a real question. I won’t ever need one of these as the price of avocados has doubled over the duration of my son’s life.  We used to squander three or four a week between us in his early days.  Now he looks up and me and asks, “where’s the ‘cado mum?” A now distant memory and   it’s not because we don’t have a keeper, it’s because they are overpriced.  And for the love of the Temple, who needs a special slicer for these pale green delights?
  • A cucumber hat.  Keep them fresh for longer.  To all you people that purchase fruit and vegetables or have leftover food, there is a product called Clingwrap. It’s thin plastic that you can wrap around any sort of food to keep fresh.  There are also snap bags if you want to go that way.

I wonder if the other vegetables and fruit in the fridge just hate that the avocado has a special belted coat or are they green with envy of the cucumber with that special little hat.

Oh hang on, food is meant to be eaten, not adorned with ridiculous outfits to keep longer.  I now know what happens when we shut the fridge door and the light goes out.  Well it doesn’t dim at all,  but instead a runway gets rolled out and all the fruit and veggies with their coats and hats parade the latest ridiculous purchases of their owners.

But where in life a jacket can last a life time, these stupid storers outlast the needs of the people using them not just  the fruit that lies on them.  These plastic fad items won’t decompose instead they stay forever in landfill.

  • A strawberry huller,  um I thought the stems where nature’s handles as you hold them and gulp them down, or just USE A KNIFE please.
  • I should have read the instructions but from what I could see it would take more skill to get the egg in the hole to than to separate it.  I’d love to hear from any adult that seriously has trouble separating eggs.  Sure there is a bit of skill involved but it’s a skill you might learn in your teens, if you haven’t by then, go ahead and be lured into all these or give it a go.  I always feel a sense of victory when I separate and don’t get any yolk or shells in the white.  (It’s the small victories)
  • A hard boiled egg without the shell maker.  Manufacturers, a warning.  stop interfering with the way nature intended things to be, throw out the shell afterward, no dishes.

Just remember the rules of these purchases.  If you don’t have a look on our first post of ridiculous items.

strawberry hullerIMG_4517egg separator 


Chi and zen to all

Ommm and Ohhh please don’t buy.

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Xo Tam

  • Suzie
    April 21, 2014

    Loving this Tam, always gives me a giggle xxx

    • Tamzen Temple
      April 22, 2014

      Thanks Suzie, I have an unnatural fascination with these strange items and who buys them. I’m up for anyone disagreeing and telling me I’m wrong. Thanks for following.xo

  • Kelli
    April 29, 2014

    The kitchen certainly seems to inspire a lot of useless tools. Especially lame one function counter space stealing appliances. Like that asparagus steamer!

  • Tamzen Temple
    April 30, 2014

    I know Kelli, I think we all go through a stage to try and make our lives easier with these gadgets but eventually realise many survived before us without them. Storage containers are like lost socks. Where do those lids go?

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