Only One: Kanye: Who is Sir Paul?

Only One Question: Kanye: who is this Sir Paul?

I was running late last week for a catch up with  Sir Paul McCartney at the Temple.  To my devastation my personal assistant Kim Groman, yet to reach twenty years of age, decided to take it on herself to grill him about his latest collaboration with  Kanye West.

Here’s how it went down…

Kim Groman:  Thank you Sir Paul for joining me today.  I must say Sir is an unusual name.  Is it after someone? Your grandfather, father?

Sir Paul:  Oh not again.. my first name is Paul.  Just call me  Paul. Sir is because I was knighted.. never mind. Paul is fine.

Kim Groman:  Seriously?  I apologise, it must be a typo as I have Sir here. Anywhat Paul…

Sir Paul: Yes.  Look, where is Tamzen Temple. I was supposed to meet her here today.

Kim Groman: She, TT is on her way.  She texted me, here I’ll show you.  “traffic jam, please look after Sir Paul for me until I get there.”

Sir Paul: Well a cup o tea would be nice if you’re asking.

Kim Groman: No, I see this as fate, the stars have aligned to give me Kim Groman a  chance to interviewing you Mr Sir an upcoming star.

Sir Paul:  I think I’ll wait for Tamzen thanks.

Kim Groman: Look, Tamzen Temple is like double my age and doth not know about new music.  She still likes some guys called Buckly and Freddie..  Now, what was it like to work with Kanye?  I loveth Kanye.

Sir Paul:  Oh brother, not again.

Kim Groman: I have been listening to Kanye  since day 04… I was like ninish when my mum would play him super loud while she  put on all her fake stuff before work on a Saturday night:  you know, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake tan…..

Sir Paul:  Yes he has been around for a while.

Kim Gorman: I knows. He has shaped my life in a way and now he has given you a chance to fulfil your music dream.

Sir Paul:  You know, I have been a musician most my life.

Kim Groman:  Many have, but it’s breaking into the mainstream that’s the hardest.  I love, as do my friends Bethany and Boo that you never gave up.  Especially at a time when many  retire into the sunset. Like did you ever consider buying a caravan and travelling  Oz like most oldies your age?

Sir Paul:  No, I can honestly say no.

Kim Groman: I suppose you need the moula  to do that.  Caravans are not cheap. Lucky for you one song with King Kanye may set you up in your retirement years.

Sir Paul: Yes I’m lucky….

I walked in during Kimbo’s interview and ended it promptly.

Sir Paul, or Uncle Paul as I call him flies over to the Temple on occasion to say hello..  My mum was a groupie from way back and when she said ‘she was with the band’, she really meant she was with all the bands, and roadies and cleaners….   it has always been questionable who my father was…

We narrowed it down to the one week of conception and ruled Sir Paul out but he still had a fondness for me knowing that one of his roadies could have been….

Oh mother.. She received monthly cheques from five different men, all happy to do so to keep her quiet.

Then I made Uncle Paul a cuppa and a scone as we joked about Kanye and the great love he has for himself.

There is Only One Sir Paul but there will be many Kanyes…..

Peace and Ommmmg I cannot believe this even happened….

Tamzen Temple


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Image of Sir Paul from  Wikipedia 

  • Meg
    January 21, 2015

    Lol! I love this. I was sitting here giggling the whole time I read it. Especially the part about your mother and the questionable identity of your father. 🙂

    • Tamzen Temple
      January 21, 2015

      Oh thanks Meg. That Kimbo is really the worst personal assistant anyone could ask for. I will find out the truth one day just who my dad is… Maybe Mick from the stones???

  • Vanja
    January 23, 2015

    You are very funny 🙂 ….. I was surprised about the posts initially. Your Bio is CLASIC!!! Love the blog 🙂

    • Tamzen Temple
      January 23, 2015

      Mwah! Thanks Vanja. It’s all true. I live a very complex life both here and abroad in my head…. All for the sake of spreading the message to ‘just be nice OK!!’ Poor Sir Paul deserves a little bit more respect. Now if only more realised just how hilarious I am… You must be incredibly cool to know so. Thanks for visiting the Temple here and at our Youtube channel and at Twitter. We’ll be stalking your blog back as soon as my Internet decides to reboot and liking and tweeting you soon. 🙂

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