Juddy’s weight: Tamzen Tackles Tabloids

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The weight debate..

Oh I get infuriated when tabloids decide to share their unvaluable opinions about the appearance of others, especially when it comes to a person’s weight.

I mean they should take a look at themselves when it comes to substance.  It’s been a few weeks but I just couldn’t shake the annoyance I felt for the piece from The Daily Mail on Rebecca Judd.

Whether a person be fat or thin, have a big nose, a bad hairstyle or not be as genetically blessed as some, should not be a news story.

I could stand it no longer and decided to take them on, searching I cornered that newspaper and asked it some hard hitting questions. It was after a couple of champagnes and a few too many prawns that may have had their day.   Oh I really should not be sipping bubbly when I’m angry as any of you loyal followers will know it leads to possible hallucinations… Well I’m not sure if I imagined this whole scenario or if the newspaper really was talking to me.

Here’s what the black and white tabloid said to me in an exclusive Minterview.

Tamzen Temple: So Daily Mail, what makes you an expert on scrutinizing someone’s weight.

News: Oh, so you’re talking about the whole Rebecca Judd thingy.

Tamzen Temple: Yes I am actually.  Are you an expert on how women should look?

News: No but I have to represent the general community.  She should know she is setting a bad example.

Tamzen Temple: Why is she setting a bad example?

News: Well she is in the public eye, women, young women would look at her and feel they have to be that thin.

Tamzen Temple: Women do look at her as a role model, but you see what you’re saying by focusing on her weight is that she is  one dimensional.  That all she is  to the public is a skinny chic.  A role model’s weight or anyone’s weight for that matter, shouldn’t come into it.  She is stunning, gorgeous beautiful no doubt and I would love to have her genes, her skin her hair, but I don’t look and change my diet or hairdresser based on photos.

News: Well, looking at the state of your hair Tamzen maybe you should consider changing stylists.

Tamzen Temple: Anywho, when I see her on TV and think WOW. This chick is superwoman. She is stunning, she knows her stuff, is articulate, is a mother whose children will be super proud of, supports her husband, and just seems like a really good chick.  The skinny part is just that, a minute fragment to who she really is from what us, the general public see.

News: Yes but posting the pics of herself looking that thin. I mean what sort of message is she sending?  She looks way to thin.

Tamzen Temple: According to you. To me or a lot of people she looks fine, thin but healthy.  It’s part of her genetic makeup and does that mean because she’s thin she should never be allowed to show any skin.  Would you rather her cover up to make the less perfect feel more secure?

News: Well no but…

Tamzen Temple: Then answer me this.  Why is it ok to embrace your body and post overweight or post baby body photos of women that bear the weight  that pregnancy can sometimes bring but skinny or perfect should keep covered.  Embrace the fat….. shouldn’t they be equally and as ignorantly crucified for setting a standard of unhealthy weight and lifestyle? I’m not judging at all, especially with my robust thighs and plentiful stomach but if I had my choice I’d rather look at Bec.

News: So you think looking at post babies bodies are offensive?

Tamzen Temple: No I think not everyone will be united on one photo.  When I look at photos I see a person, not a body shape, not imperfections.  I see her (Bec) and think wow, to look like that especially after two babies is amazing and inspiring , and if I see others with the post baby bodies on the other side of the spectrum I feel united and quiet warm and fuzzy in my own memories because that’s  the side I’m on with a wrinkly belly that housed a perfect baby.

News: Yawn…. You’re babbling and rather boring Tamzen Temple

Tamzen Temple: The truth is I was at my thinnest after I had Bronzy, the Mini Guru. I ate heaps and with no sleep, I couldn’t put on weight.

News: But we’re not talking about you.

Tamzen Temple: No we’re not.  Now if we were talking about you and all your other tabloid paper and magazine friends, we would probably say, hey how about that trashy paper that just rummages into the bottom of bins to find any skerricks of a newstory.

Actually I think you as a paper need to put on some weight because the trash you publish surely doesn’t fill anyone with any information that may keep their news appetites curbed.  You’re saying it’s her social responsibility to display a positive body image but isn’t being confident with who you are, well isn’t that a positive message in itself?

News: Look I  don’t think about those things, all I know is I have to sell, sell, sell papers and this one worked a treat with her reacting back.

Tamzen Temple: Well, it is official, you are an idiot.  Thank you for your time Daily Mail, now it’s off to the bottom of the birdcage for you or into the recycling bin.  That is the problem though you just keep recycling the same old stories with a different victim.

I threw that newspaper into the yellow bin where it flew through the air into the slimy bar where all the other  trashy mags and papers hang out, smoking and conniving ways to get a headline. I felt my ears burn in their plot to find the dirt on me knowing the only dirt they would find would be the fingerprints  from Bronzy after playing in the mud.

Oh we send a Temple prayer to all those who feel the need to judge.  Whether someone is tall or short, fat or thin has a mane of golden locks or is bald, what does it really matter in worldwide events?  How does a person’s appearance affect you?

And what about all the selfies in the world that are provocative, explicit and downright offensive. Shane Warne for example, I don’t want to see him in bed with his mirrored ceiling but we laugh about that one and think, ‘bloody Warnie, he’s a larrikin crazy one’.

Or Kim Kardashian’s butt. Yes we’ve talked about it before as it is a subject to its own and she has welcomed us to do it again by these photos.  That’s the difference, Kim does it as it is part of her business.  The obsessed Kimmy fans know of her butt implants yet go by the form fitting, tightening underwear.

I’d rather see a devoted mother walking along the beach with her kids being thankful for what she has than all the wannabe startlets that overmake, overbake and overexpose themselves.

Peace and Ommmmm from the Temple


This is a Minterview

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