Someone Other Than Your Wife??

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The Temple Non-Wife Watched Late Night TV!!

I stayed up late the other night, a few weeks back.

It was the first time in about three years since Bronzy, my son entered our world that the Temple Guru and I stayed up until one in the morning to watch one of those murder shows and how vital it is to solve them within 48 hours. It was about a guy who was from a wealthy respected family that lived in a small town.  He was the obvious suspect to the disappearance of his wife.

I like to keep informed as the previous week saw Micko buy cable ties and I found some large black  plastic sheeting in the shed. The same week I had been particularly horrible to him…

He had a reasonable excuse of;  “You never know when you need cable ties and the black plastic is always handy to cover things the rain…”

I found cable ties suddenly appearing around things such as  excess power cords, securing the hose along the fence and keeping plants firm to gardening stakes. Whew.. my fears of being removed from the premises were over..

Back to the late night TV, there were also the bizarre ads I missed over early nights or random naps around the schedule of a child.

Oh my Goodness and I say that fully instead of OMG because things have changed a little on late night TV since I last watched.

Sure there was the late night infomercials of stoneware pans and physic hotlines but there was also lots of ads about lonely girls waiting for ME too call.  I say ME because they specifically said, we’re here waiting for YOU to call, so they must have been talking to ME….

I thought it strange that they would choose to be there on TV on a Saturday night with gorgeous lingerie on and not at a club until I remembered they probably weren’t real but some grandma at home trying to earn an extra buck. I pondered who would be sucked into this obvious scam…

Then there was the catchiest tune I found myself singing to as I watched another ad.  It went a little like this.

I’m looking for someone other than my wife, other than my wife, other than my wife

Here it is, go on play it and I guarantee you will be singing it tomorrow when you drop the kids off to school…


What the!!!
Seriously the world has gone mad.  Please note the original ad has been deleted and pulled due to complaints but luckily I found this version someone taped from youtube.

Here’s the deal.  Men, if you want someone other than your wife, leave her and then get someone other than your ex-wife because that is what she will become or should become should you venture down this path.

I know the Guru, should he ever get around to marrying me, may sing this in hope that the someone in addition to  his wife who would be a domestic goddess that can cook and match his socks a whole lot better than me. (a housekeeper, cook, gardener)

Here’s his version of what he’s looking for in another woman..

Looking for someone to distract my wife, so I can have a golfing life, so I don’t get into strife…

Looking for someone in addition to the Temple Queen, ’cause she just can’t clean, and she’s sometimes mean….

Looking for someone other than Tamzen, no not like that, just someone to make me a toasty snack..

Ashely Maddison the discreet dating site behind the ad says that “Because apparently to them “Life is short, have an affair…”

Here’s mine.

“Life is too short to have the dishes done. I just wanna have some fun, not worry about the mun…. dane”

Anywho, from the Temple, and this is not advice but what I would do.

If you are in a relationship, and are not happy…. try to fix it or leave.

Don’t look for someone other than your wife please, look at her remember that  if you love her, spend the money you were going to spend on ‘kisses or link ups or what ever they are called’ to get here a housekeeper or a hot handy-man who helps a little more than you probably do and then she’ll have more time to be who she really is.

Otherwise she may venture to a  site looking for someone other than her husband.

What do you think of this ad?? Scroll scroll down and let me know. xx

Peace and Ommmm from the Temple

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Pssst:  Since this post there has been the whole expose of customers’ details been put online for all to see.  Oh the scandal continues and there’s a lesson to be learned.  if you’re not happy in you marriage, leave rather than prolong what will eventually happen.


  • Tegan
    November 9, 2014

    Aren’t the late night tv ads just delightful!?
    I too am of the belief that if you aren’t happy in a relationship (whether that be marriage or defacto) then you need to either work on it, or leave. Once the trust is lost in a relationship, then there isn’t much left. I don’t think I could live in a relationship, wondering where they are if they are 5 minutes late home from work…it would do havoc for stress levels.

    • Tamzen Temple
      November 9, 2014

      Agreed Tegan. It’s an insane ad isn’t it. Just can’t work out who these people are but have to sympathise with them for being so unfulfilled with no respect for the one they choose to marry. Things can change and couples may drift apart and often couples don’t want to separate for fear of loosing possessions. A fling definitely isn’t the answer in my eyes.

  • Trudie
    November 9, 2014

    I saw this ad several months ago and I was absolutely gobsmacked. I mentioned it to my husband who found it on YouTube the next day and checked it out. Likewise he was gobsmacked he just laughed with disgust. We both whole heartedly agree if you’re not happy fix it or live but don’t make the problem bigger by doing something so ridiculous by adding another person and problem to the situation. It’s ridiculous that society has disintegrated to a point where it’s totally acceptable to promote such business and behaviour on television.

    • Tamzen Temple
      November 9, 2014

      That’s exactly right. Both the Temple Guru and myself laughed and then realised it isn’t funny and we were laughing in disgust which is an odd type of laughter isn’t it? I’m never one to judge relationships but I think there are times where right and wrong is cut and dried and this is one of them. Thanks for visiting. Oh and we just looooove your blog, and to be honest that is what the Temple is about, going back to the good old values of orange melamine. xx (ok they had their crazy times back then too)

  • Rachel_OurTownBNE
    November 10, 2014

    I’m a bit of a late night TV watcher (usually because I’m staying up WAY too late finishing a blog post!) and every time I see these ads the damn song gets in into my head. And I can’t stop singing it BECAUSE IT IS SO BLOODY CATCHY!!! How can a song about breaking someones fundamental trust in their relationship be so ridiculously up beat? I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been driven a bit mental by them 🙂

    • Tamzen Temple
      November 10, 2014

      Whoever wrote it is brilliant as it’s one of the catchiest tunes ever. Their tactic has worked in keeping it in our heads. Will be a while til I’m up that late again… The Temple Guru is working on a different version. Thanks for visiting the Temple 🙂

  • Cate
    November 10, 2014

    omg that ad! Unbelievable

  • Ashleigh -
    November 12, 2014

    Oh MY! I read an article about the guy that started this agency (and made millions!) He is actually married with children. I too agree that if I had made the time and energy to master up an affair I would just leave! How horrible! Having said that… God forbid if something happened to my husband, I tell him I would replace him with a few cats rather than a man (much easier).

    • Tamzen Temple
      November 12, 2014

      The insanity. The thing is, affairs may happen if things aren’t right and the person may be looking for something more but to have a site specifically for it encourages those who may have tried a little bit harder instead of presenting it to them in a weak moment. Ahhhh I’m still singing it!!

  • Sue Coletta
    January 21, 2015

    Just watched your video. It reminded me of when I tried to explain how to work a computer to my husband. LOL I have to say, you’re a lot more patient than I. I loved your “calming whistle”. Next time, I’ve got to try that. I think I’ve got it down. A low whistle with a downward swipe of the hand. Too funny!

  • shannon @my2morrows
    February 27, 2015

    Oh my… how times have changed! I just can’t believe this organisation even exists. Sad thing is there is demand for it. Just crazy! X

    • Tamzen Temple
      February 27, 2015

      Insane isn’t it Shannon??? If only they used that song for good instead of evil…. So damn catchy …

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