Episode 1 of The Temple is out now. Award winning performances

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Welcome to Episode 1 at the Temple Youtube channel.

At Tamzen Temple we will bring you episodes of our real lives at random. Nothing is scripted, we just roll with it.

The first episode of the Temple has not gone to plan.

Things are unorganized and the demands from others have pushed the Temple Queen Tamzen to the limit.

The Temple Guru, Micko has had enough.

Future episodes are to come and we will also be bringing you other content from ‘how to’ and the adventures of Mick and Madge plus more.

Get in now so you know where we come from as we will be making these for a long while and would love for you to follow us on our jouney. So head on over to our channel (click on footage)

While you’re there, give us a thumbs up, share us and subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode.



Peace and Ommm from the Temple.

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