Text Wars and Soup

Things in the Hollywood hills have been a bit quiet.

Aside from Gwyneth steaming things that just should not be steamed, which is totes not newsworthy at all and should be uncoupled from all news…the stars just are not doing anything exciting or scandalous anymore.

It means I spend more time here in OZ instead of abroad chasing stories.

Ho Hum… This has  meant we have had to cut back on some luxuries…

Micko and I do live ordinary lives and when the help is away on Sundays, I have to Temple God forbid, cook.

A Temple Queens’ work is never done. Not only do I have to prepare some sort of soup thingy to actually eat, I have to try to explain to Micko that I don’t do texts.

I despise texting…. I hate it.  Except for a quick ones like:

Running late or…. be there soon or…. I’m drunk or… buy chocolate or… out of champagne..or credit card please…. You get my drift right?

Aside from three word or under texts I believe you should pick up the phone and call.

There it begins.  Oh it’s just best for you to watch and see.

Ask yourself this when you watch.

Why am I holding a knife?? Is it to cut vegetables or am I planning in my head a way of removing that phone from his hand?

Why did I eat ten pancakes prior to filming rather that do 10 sit ups?

How can  Micko the Temple Guru be so incredibly handsome yet so annoying at the same time?

Why do I say freaking so many times??

Please note the exception to text when I send the Guru this: You’re a big spunk honey pie and I love you and you are soooo lucky to have me as I you and our boy Bronzy so say a prayer to the Temple Gods to thank them for all we have…..

Oh you must see me explaining to Micko what a  hashtag is.

Now: Have you joined our Temple Tribe?  Just enter your email and confirm, (could possibly be in your spam folder) Taadaa you are now officially one of the coolest people ever and I will endow you with a Temple blessing.

(Actually a toast with champagne but woteva)

Peace and Ommmm from the Temple…
Please scroll scroll down to share your sympathy with me in my struggle in explaining these text and tech things with Micko.


  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connection
    January 30, 2015

    Yeh the knife flicking around was funny. And just get on your dame phone an text… it is not that hard.. lol

    • Tamzen Temple
      January 30, 2015

      Seriously Natalie… Every time he sends a text he asks ‘does this sound ok… ‘ Or ‘what will I’ll write??’ Drives me insane. Just do it!!! Or not.

  • You Monsters Are People
    February 4, 2015

    Soup is the best food.

    All of my Aussie friends fight.

    Things are the same everywhere.

    • Tamzen Temple
      February 8, 2015

      Hey, We’re not fighting. We’re just communicating. People often mistake the two…Plenty of love here at the Temple, plenty of frustration and tooooo many gadgets, techs and texts getting in the way of communication. Thanks You Monster for visiting the Temple. 🙂

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