A Cardboard Crown for a Queen

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Cardboard Crown & Tiaras.

You may have spotted me over time wearing my Cardboard Crown…  or an emoji one on my Insta account but you may not know the meaning..

I’ve never been a princessy type person but when I began a couple of years ago one of the most important statements I made is that all women are Temple Queens. The Temple being their home and that women should be treated like queens or at least rule like one.

cardboard crown

Not the nasty queens of past that may behead frenemies or make the village go hungry to buy new jewels but a dignified gracious queen that overseas her Temple and protects all in it.

My cardboard crown is worn out…. I will make a new one tomorrow out of a Rice Bubble box, but I feel a little sad that this two and a half year old crown is torn and no longer sits on my head like it used to.

cardboard crown

There’s another one out there talking about queens and promoting a kick ass life and supporting one another… And that’s great, the more people promoting the regal message the better.  She does it with a feisty attitude, lots of f&$# words and has created a haven for women.

The Temple here are constantly promoting the message to the world of to  JUST BE FREAKING NICE. OK!!

Thus the Cardboard Tiara, the Cardboard Crown.  Life isn’t about what you have and the monetary worth of a gold headpiece.  It’s about making it simple, being humble and accepting, appreciating the beauty in what others may see as worthless.   It’s not just about women uniting it’s about the world uniting because of the strong Temple Queens.

cardboard crown

We are all rich in having the accessibility in manners, dignity and grace.  We all, with or without our cardboard crowns, can create  kingdoms queendoms and Temples that don’t need to say F&%$ or C&%$ to get the message that we are strong.

We don’t have to rule the world but instead take control of our own lives and that of our Temple in creating a safe haven and spreading the word of your Temple to those you have to deal with. (Although I do plan to rule the world one day)

This became huge to me once I had Bronzy.. There were so many rude people that would give death stares to a pram wielding mum for not moving fast enough, to ignoring a child who waves or says hello.

People pushing and shoving to get to the express registers before you or walking past anyone who needs help in some way. Prior to having a child you are aware of the poverty in the world and send $40 a month to try and help, but once you have a child you become anxious for the other children and families that go cold and hungry when there are those of such wealth that have gold plated toilet seats or choose to justify a $3000 pair of sunglasses and not give back in some way to those desperate.

Kids are the most precious and should be told everyday and treated like precious little temple gurus and temple queens they are and lead by example.  They shouldn’t be up for judgement by thousands and it makes me cringe when I hear parents call their children little s&%$#or p%$#@&…

I am absolutely blessed to have Bronzy and I must be incredibly lucky that he only has few moments or being a terror and is allowed to have those moments with or without an excuse. Just like we all have moments or meltdowns without being labelled.

So….. make your Temple a good one… wear a cardboard crown or an invisible one and rule the world you want to see. Be an example for your children in patience, respect and class without being afraid to get into life and live it with love.

Just Be Freaking Nice. OK!! (to adults and the kids)

Peace and Ommmni from the Temple.

If you would like a cardboard crown scroll scroll down to let me know. xoxo

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