The Gomez Girls: Interview with the Author

Who is Tamara Zito and What are Gomez Girls?

During my death I discovered there was another me….

So I thought it only right to interview the other me Tamara Zito.  She is not only the creator of Tamzen Temple, blogger and mundane model but the author of the new amazing book The Gomez Girls.

Here it is.

Tamzen Temple: Thanks for being here considering I’m dead.

Tamara Zito: You’re actually not dead, it was the only way I could shut you up while I did something worthwhile.

Tamzen Temple: Then tell us what have you been doing while I’ve gone to heaven.

Tamara Zito:  I actually completed my book that I started over twelve years ago called the Gomez Girls.

Tamzen Temple: Wow, it must be a great literary work to take that long.

Tamara Zito: Not really but it is a great concept and bit of a juicy read with some twists and swearing in it.

Tamzen Temple:  Why is it called The Gomez Girls though?

Tamara Zito:  I love Gomez Addams. Let’s face it he is hilarious, gentlemanny, adores Morticia, filthy rich with lots of spare time and any woman would be lucky to have him as a  husband. I believe that as we are born with a man’s name then possibly when we get married we get stuck with a husband’s surname, that for those who hate their husband or father they should have the option of claiming the Gomez name.  So it’s about women around the world uniting and ridding themselves of a name from men who are idiots, unfaithful or unreliable and being part of a cool group. (please note we love Gomez Guys too as there are lots of crazy women)

Tamzen Temple: WOW. That is the most brilliant concept I have ever heard of. Is there more to the book?

Tamara Zito:  Totally. Jess Bingle is the blogger who creates the Gomez Girls and she’s a freaky unhinged fruitcake and she hangs out with two housemates and has random sex with some guy called Jack..

Tamzen Temple: She sounds cool.

Tamara Zito: She is…… a lot like most bloggers I know.

Tamzen Temple: So how much and where can I buy this soon to be cult classic book from?

Tamara Zito: From AMAZON and it’s only $8.88 aus dollars because I heard that in China 8 is a lucky number so thought I’d use that formula as a sure fire way of becoming a best seller.

Tamzen Zito: You’re pretty silly with numbers hey?

Tamara Temple:  Sure are. I failed maths but am rooly good with werds.

Tamnez Temzi: Why are our names getting mucked up?

Tample Zimple: Because we are one of the same. Just go buy the book as it’s just like me buying you a coffee for $4.44 and then myself a coffee for $4.44 only without the coffee and me benefiting from your money and continuing to write more good words.

Timple Tito: I will. I shall also go like the Gomez Girls Instagram Page and share a pic of my copy there and on Facebook or Twitter with all my friends.

Zebra : Thanks for your time.  The Gomez Girls is the best book this year and all women and men who are unhappy should definitely change their surnames to Gomez.

Groundbreaking news; Women who are considering changing their surnames to Gomez for obvious reasons … Melena Trump, Nadia off Married at First Sight,  Peg Bundy, Brooke Logan, Katie Holmes.

Let us know if you know any others or tell me if you read The Gomez Girls and what you thought.

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  • Ronnie Peace
    February 19, 2017

    This is so impressive. You are like Jesus – you rose from the dead to interview yourself to promote your word(s). Are you Jesus? (S)He takes many forms. Including Zebra.

    Here’s an interesting and highly effective advertising campaign I just thought of for your book (use at your own risk):

    GO buy this book. I’m not
    MEZ’in around, go buy it, seriously
    GIRLSfriend! (snap, sideways head wobble) mmm, hmmm.

    • Tamzen Temple
      March 12, 2017

      OMG that is an awesome way of marketing it…. if I had remembered my blog password I would have told you this much earlier.
      I am like jesus, thus the temple name. I can walk on water to.. I mean drink water while walking on pavement.

  • thegomezgirl
    April 9, 2017

    Wow, you both sound amazing, witty and incredibly interesting. I am so going to buy this book. Well done…. Sounds like my life actually.

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