What is the Temple Guru saying?????

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Wadda? Temple Guru is silent.

Just what is the Temple Guru saying?

Oh me, oh my. I made a big Temple mistake. The Temple Guru asked me to film a short show reel to send off for an audition and well…. I just got distracted by how incredibly handsome he is that I forgot to put the sound on. 

We hate wasting at the Temple so we thought we’d ask you: What do you think the Temple Guru is saying?

I’m sure it is: Tamzen Temple, gosh you are truly amazingly talented and the light of my life and who cares if Miranda Kerr is single, you are and always will be the only Temple Queen for me. 

I actually think he is saying… “I have no idea about that Tamzen Temple as she writes insane things but is trying to spread an awesome message.”

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We’d love to hear what you think Micko the Temple Guru is saying. Give us your own version…

Maybe he’s saying..”Do you know where my socks are..?”

Ommm and peace from the Temple xx

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