What Sort of Biscuit are You?

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What sort of biscuit are you?

The question came about one night while working with a guy called Bob.  “I’m a soft centre biscuit,”  He said.  “Would never hurt anyone.”

Hmm I thought as I looked at the selection.  There were just  too many to choose from, an Oreo, Mint Slice, Anzac, or even some type of cracker.  I found my eyes drawn to the Gingernuts.

“Oh that’s me for sure.” I said and it wasn’t just because of my red hair.  Gingernut biscuits are loved mainly by the older generation.  Those around 50 years old or less, have yet to warm to them fully and anyone younger than that think Gingernuts are just bitter and yuk.

Those on the cusp may buy a packet and have a taste of the bitter biscuit with that hint of sweetness and most likely screw up their face throwing the uneaten half out, but not the packet.  They’ll keep it because they may change their mind.

So that sums me up.  Did I mention I’m a cheap home brand version as well? Yes it’s true because there are simply no frills about me, I’m cheap and reliable.

What sort of biscuit are you?

My friend Jo and I have determined, after definitely agreeing she is one coated in chocolate, that she is a Chocolate Caramel Crown.  My first thought was that she is a Chocolate Royal but she’s even grander than that as she has a golden centre.

I’d love to hear what you are. I’m still trying to figure out what Micko is, hmmm actually thinking about it he’s a pack of Assorted Creams as one isn’t enough to define him.  (Life with him is like a Monte Carlo gamble, and full of Melting Moments. Ahhhh)

I’d love to hear just what sort of biscuit you are and why.



Ommmm & chomp from the Temple.



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  • Jo
    May 12, 2014

    awww thanks Tamzen! x
    ‘a golden centre’ hey? could be all those Violet Crumbles I devoured as a teenager!
    Come on creative Templers – what biscuit are YOU?
    Loving your work x

  • Tamzen Temple
    May 18, 2014

    Thanks golden centered Jo. xx

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