B & B: Who Slept with Who?

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Since I Quit Facebook….

You may have recalled, if you have ever read my blog, that I quit Facebook.

Many have asked (OK no one has asked) .. What have you been doing with all this extra time Tamzen Temple?

I tell them this.

I have been engrossed in two things…

Firstly the show Who do you think you are.  I love watching the stars unravel their family tree and finding out their ancestors were corrupt, pioneers, in the military, black, British or hookers. (or all of the previous)

And this research of family history has overlapped with my love of Bold and the Beautiful.

It only made sense that in my spare time I should combine the two shows by tracking back the ancestry or incestual behavior that goes on in this soap…. Maybe they call them soaps because they need serious washing out..


They are called soap operas as soap companies where traditionally the sponsors of the shows back in the day…….

I’m like a freaking Google godess since quitting Facebook…..

Who Slept with Who?

Anywho.. After much research I have put together this very simplified pic for your reference.  I couldn’t fit everyone in as no page would be big enough for the slapped up bangas or male tarts on this show but basically everyone in the below pic has nearly slept with everyone or is the result of thus shagging.

who slept with who

Brooke has slept with the father ERIC and his two sons a step brother of one of these sons (as the father’s wife cheated on him and one of the sons isn’t his), plus Brooke has and is currently ogling her sisters’ husband…

Brooke however gets a bad wrap and Taylor is pretty much just as bad but as she’s a doctor and a brunette it has been ignored.

Although Brooke has slept with both of her daughters husbands (2)  or boyfriends  (1)….. One was an innocent mistake though as it was at a costume ball and she mistook him for her husband.. Brooke even managed to have a baby without giving birth by a mix up at the hospital and having her egg implanted in Taylor…

Taylor felt like she was carrying the devil (Rosemary’s baby)   and gave up the baby to the father Nick.

If you haven’t watched Bold and the Beautiful you should.  It is far better than meditating.  It will leave your mind null and void of any sense allowing you to appreciate your own life tenfold.

Peace and Omni from the Temple.

Confess….Do you watch Bold and the Beautiful?  DO you know who slept with who?  Did I miss anyone or anything?  Let me know. Scroll scroll down to tell me if I missed anyone in the who slept with who pic.

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