Wonderful Women: Ellen

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I’m Yellin to Ellen…

Oh she is the one we admire the most here at the Temple..  Ellen……

Yes I started a few months back,  a campaign on my TEMPLE Instagram account for Ellen to call me….

(Follow ELLEN on IG HERE  or click pic above as she is the coolest)

I believe she is totes awesome and this is why.

She is dang funny and never at the expense of anyone… there it is…

Oh and by doing so she spreads joy and joy is awesome.

So head over to my Instagram and search for the hashtag   #tamzenellenbff comment anything to show your support….. on every pic… if you would like to get the Temple message of “just be freaking nice OK!!”

Oh I’d love to meet her one day but if not I’m just going to keep up the campaign for fun.


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