Yawn, no marriage this year, said Elizabeth Taylor never.

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Hmmmmmm. I’m getting a little bored.  The celebrities are playing it safe.  No news is good news but that means nothing for the Temple to share.

Yawn, so Jessica Simpson got married (BTW where was my invite Simmo??)

Pippa Middleton hails a cab after a night out. Oh the horror of it all.. Catching a cab.  Scandalous really.

Some guy called Collumbus got drunk, Chris Brown took a photo of someone’s butt….

Gee, all those celeb mags must be doing it tough lately with nothing ever happening.

Oh but the big story close to my heart is that  Chris Martin is now eating meat.  I knew this anyways as he came for a barbie recently while in Australia and couldn’t resist my burgers and t-bones. Sorry Gwynnie, twas me who lured him back to the dark side of sizzling steaks.. (Apologies to any vegetarians out there but…)

There was once upon a time where a celebrity scandal was just that.  The overdoses of greats such as Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin and Jim Hendrix are tragedies that we don’t want anyone following but their tragedies were the end to the insanity of their brilliant talents and their tormented lives that the now generation barely identify with.

Non-wow I have to admit these modern day celebs, or stars are a tad bit boring. They have to do ridiculous publicity stunts, que Miley Cyris. Oh her dad must be so proud, (NOT) yet for some reason the world searched millions of times for the clip of her sticking her tongue out and bending over ‘twerking’ as she and Robin Thicke sung together.   It is now known as ‘that infamous moment’ we’d rather not relive. (so sorry I bought it up)

Could someone tell me what the Kardashians have actually done other than allow cameras into their lives.  (Soz Kimmy, I know we’re besties but really)

Seriously, does it really have to be about publicly displaying yourself provocatively to score search hits?

To be in the day of the silver screen when Spencer Tracy stayed ‘loyal’ to his wife by choosing not to leave her while continuing his lifelong affair with his loyal mistress Kathrine Hepburn.

Marilyn at President Kennedy’s birthday singing him happy birthday like no other and the supposed secret affair with him.

Elizabeth Taylor entering eight marriages to seven men. They knew how to do it back then with elegance and class not in a trashy way but they somehow came off as icons, not stars, not celebrities. A scandal usually involves someone who suffers because of it, we at the Temple don’t like to see anyone suffer in anyway so we’d rather read about real news of the day that informs the masses of what’s really happening instead of trashy celeb antics or at least keep reading the Temple news that has a bit of fun with it all.

So to all you celeb/star wannabes, just try to stay cool and just be nice OK.

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Peace and Ommmm from the Temple


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Photo credit Janis Joplin: Wikipedia click HERE to see source

Photo credit Marilyn Monroe : Ana Carolina Braga click HERE to view photo source

Photo Credit Jim Morrison: Wikipedia. Click HERE to view photo source

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