Dear Me: A Letter to the Younger Me.

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Dear Younger Me…

To the younger me,

The seventeen year old me….. not the four year old me because you can’t read yet.. So the seventeen year old me might be best, although you may not listen so I’ll make it the twenty five year old younger me.

Why are you reading this letter?  Do you have some sort of mental condition to believe that you can read letters from the future, younger me?

Are you a time traveller? If so can you come to here, the current time, but first go past the current me to the seventy five year old me to tell me any mistakes I might make?

But really, you younger me….

What really do you expect to learn from reading a letter from the future.?

I don’t think it will matter what I tell you as you will either do two things..

You may not listen and live your life just as you have.

Or you may be influenced by what I tell you and therefore change the fate of others through not being me of the past therefore you will alter the course of your destiny.

So there…

I am actually rather happy with who I am and who you were, so although there were crap moments, missed opportunities and bad hair, they all led you to where I am and you are today.

I do however want to tell you a few vital bits of what will happen to you as at the time I was shocked and you will be more prepared to handle them.

You actually were kidnapped by the government and fitted with robotic legs so you could jump to the moon and a prosthetic eye that allowed you to see around and through the world.

You married a robot called  Ultron and had babies that were cross bred and looked like humans with Toyota qualities.

Kidding. I’m just f&%$ing with your brain.  At least you can see you turned out hilarious, funny and extremely talented with letter writing.

But back to the truth.
If you had not experienced all the f&%$ ups then you or I would not be me and with these you are actually rather awesome at 45.

You, dear younger me have a rather high opinion of yourself and believe you are a Temple Queen.

Oh younger me, you like who you are and are a world famous blogger.  You do fake interviews with real superstars and will meet a big spunk called Micko the Temple Guru who is a big hottie.

Together you will become the creative minds you were destined to be.

So don’t freaking rush it. He had lessons to learn before meeting you so leave him alone until then.

I beg you not to read this letter or change anything because I would not be the me of today if you did.

I wish I could write a letter to the future me and there I would tell myself where I left my keys and if I will end up in a real Temple.

xo Love you, I mean me….

Peace and Ommmni.


younger me

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